Ebisuya Japanese Market @ Medford, MA Boston

ebisuya japanese market is 3 miles from where i live. they have a great selection of JDM groceries and sashimi grade fish and a sushi bar. they even have a good selection of JDM cosmetics and comic books. sushis are made to order at the sushi bar.








very reasonably priced. the fish is relatively fresh; however, the sushi is not so well made. the rice isnt firm; it would break apart when you pick it up. fish is kinda watery for some reason, possibly because they were frozen and the ice melted and caused the water in the fish. well, i still think it’s not bad at 2 bux each. all of these only cost $14 bux. if you just want a quick lunch, i wouldnt mind it.



grean tea shake @ $3.5. although i still prefer the one at Japonaise Bakery and Cafe, but this isn’t bad at all.

Category: Grocery
65 Riverside Ave
Medford, MA 02155
(781) 391-0012


9 thoughts on “Ebisuya Japanese Market @ Medford, MA Boston

  1. cool, i’ve been looking for a market that sold onigiri.

    for a similar place for sushi ($1 a piece nigiri!!–even uni) try sakanaya in allston. they typically have good tuna (yellowtail and maguro) and salmon. it’s not the best sushi you’ll ever eat, but it’s pretty solid and not expensive.

  2. those photos of the Japanese supermarket remind me so much of my second home, Tokyo. You’re so lucky that they have onigiri, I can’t find it in any supermarket in NYC. Nuts.

      1. exactly! there must be someplace in NYC that has onigiri. I should add that I am only looking for the type of onigiri I like the kind with the crisp nori. I don’t like soft or soggy nori. Haven’t seen either here in years though. I guess I’ll have to go to Boston 🙂

  3. Wow, I did not know of this place when I lived in Boston!
    Looks very similar to the supermarket displays in Japan!

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