Korean Garden Restaurant @ Allston/Brighton Boston, MA

found couple pix i took at korean garden a while back. my friend wanted to eat at korean garden and she didnt want korean bbq.


koean garden-2

we got the haemul jungol – mixed seafood and veggie casserole. did not like it at all. very fishy. i like the seafood one at Suishaya in chinatown better. ive had the boodae jungol (a spicy casserole with ham, sausage, bacon, kimichi, bean curd and thick noodles) before. that one was better than the seafood one as i remembered.


seafood pancake – yum


their korean bbq and other stuff arent as bad, we just ordered the wrong stuff.

Category: Korean
122 Harvard Ave
(between Brighton Ave & Glenville Ave)
Boston, MA 02134
Neighborhood: Allston/Brighton
(617) 562-8989

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10 thoughts on “Korean Garden Restaurant @ Allston/Brighton Boston, MA

  1. Wow, the seafood pancake looks delicious. I don’t think I’ve ever been to an exclusively korean restaurant, will write it down for a later date for sure. I really like this blog, so many tasty things that i am also into haha. Thanks for following mine!

  2. I love heamul tang or jungol. It is so yummy. There is this place in Kangnam near where I used to work where the restaurant would put out a giant pot filled with seafood and spices and huge panchan. The pics you are showing are making me so hungry.

  3. Oh how my mouth is watering! I grew up eating Korean food every day, well until I moved out of my parents home for school! Especially missing it more now that I’m here in Sicily! The only things I’m eating are hot Asian seafood flavored packaged noodles and kimchi from the military base if I’m lucky to find it in stock!

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