French Macarons @ Argo Tea and Boston Common Coffee Company

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jus wanna do a quick update on macarons in boston. so besides macaron sweeterie in lexington and LA burdick, there is another place that sells french macarons in bean: argo tea.

argo tea cafe is located in northeastern university snell library. i heard you do need a student ID to get into the library but i could be wrong. so you might need your NEU friend to hook you up.

i got them as a gift from my NEU friend today. how sweet!!! ❤





these are a lil bit too sweet for my liking, but i do like the green one a lot!!! i think it’s cantaloupe, never had that flavor before. i like these better than LA burdick, but def cant beat macaron sweeterie in lexington. if lexington is too far, this is a good alternative.

Categories: Coffee & Tea, Internet Cafes
Snell Library
360 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 373-4202

today i also went to boston common coffee co. to get some coffee. not a fan of their coffee at all, but it’s so cheap and close to my work and i go there sometimes when i dun wanna walk to starbucks. i saw they had macarons so i had to pick up two.

the first bite wasnt bad, then it became wayyyy too sweet and sugary tasting. i had hard time finishing it.

i dont think they have it all the time or at all locations.

Category: Coffee & Tea
10 High St
(between Summer St & Federal St)
Boston, MA 02110
Neighborhood: Financial District
(617) 695-9700


18 thoughts on “French Macarons @ Argo Tea and Boston Common Coffee Company

  1. Beautiful! I recently started a love affair with macarons. Divine little things! Thanks for the like and follow on my blog. Your blog is very lovely! I am a fan. 🙂

  2. Your photos are really interesting.

    I tasted macaroons like that when I visited Paris, and I must say, your pictures make them look way more delicious than the taste I remember.

    I guess your tagline has a lot of truth in it (life is always sweeter and yummier through a lens.) 🙂

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