Sakanaya Japanese Fish Market @ Allston, MA Boston


alex recommended sakanaya to me, so i came here to check it out and i actually ran into him at sakanaya its crazy.






like ebisuya, they can make sushi for you on the spot. $1 per nigiri?!?!??! thats crazyyyy even for uni!!!!!!!!! wayyyyyy cheaper than ebisuya, but i must say the fish quality is not so good, very not fresh. i also saw the guy works there pour white power stuff on the fish. i wonder if its preservatives.





i highly recommend to order in advance because it does take a while for them to make it. not the freshest fish and best quality sushi, but $1 sushi?!?!?!

Categories: Seafood, Japanese
75 Linden St
(between Gardner St & Brighton Ave)
Boston, MA 02134
Neighborhood: Allston/Brighton
(617) 254-0009

picked up these at ebisuya today. man im such a fat asss.


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9 thoughts on “Sakanaya Japanese Fish Market @ Allston, MA Boston

  1. I have never seen a fish market so tidy and packaged up. Usually it is all different sized fish in different quantities, shiny and whole. This looks more like a fish market for people afraid of handling whole fish?

  2. I missed the Boston at the top of the post. As I looked down through the pictures, I was thinking of how you took some great pictures in Japan. This market looks just like ones that I have visited there.

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