LA Burdick Chocolate @ Back Bay Boston, MA

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LA burdick has two stores in boston. one in Harvard sq and this one is in back bay. the back bay store just opened not long ago. if you are not familiar with their chocolate, everything is handmade. they import the best ingredients from fance switzerland, and venezuela. they dont use extracts, concentrates, or flavorings. all flavors come directly from their sources.




ive written a review on their chocolates before. i love them. super rich and smooth!










their macarons are only ok. a lil too hard for my liking.


super rich chocolate cake.


this is actually the first ive had their iced chocolate drink. i got the dark chocolate drink. extremely rich. ive had hot chocolate in the winter, really thick and rich like you are drinking melted chocolate. you’d imagine the white chocolate drink would be super sweet right? no, it’s actually nice and light, like milk.





Categories: Desserts, Chocolatiers and Shops
220 Clarendon St
(between Boylston St & Newbury St)
Boston, MA 02116
Neighborhood: Back Bay
(617) 303-0113

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61 thoughts on “LA Burdick Chocolate @ Back Bay Boston, MA

  1. Wow! This place is soo awesome! What cute architecture! That dark chocolate drink…mmmm…I’ll be in Boston later this week. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it out there! Lovely pictures!

  2. You made everything there look so great! My real question though is how do you get all of those pictures? Do most restaurants just let you snap this many photos? I imagine they must take time to compose as well and you’re not using a tiny point and shoot camera either!

  3. What a great post, the photos are amazing and I am sure all I will be dreaming about tonight is chocolate. Thanks also for taking the time to drop by my blog Vacant Pages and choosing to follow, much appreciated.

  4. You have some fantastic pictures as well! Starting to follow! Just sad I didn’t see this earlier. My husband is boarding a plane from Boston right now and I would have had him bring me one or 10 of these treats! He did make it to Mike’s ? (a famous pastry shop there) and was going to bring me a canolie (sp?) but they said it wouldn’t make the trip. Will have to just go with next time.

  5. yeah great photos, man i wouldn’t be able to take any i’d just eat as much as my budget would allow -i couldn’t find the info, maybe i missed it – but was it expensieve? I was just about to post about the choclate factory here in Spain, that’s an awesome coincidence. The chocolate was really expensieve here though, that’s why i ask. i used to live in LA but i never came across this place. great post!!!

    1. omg sorry i meant to say lol, in LA california there was a choc. place similair to this that i never stopped in – ive never been in MA hahaha

      1. yeah they tend to be at these cool little shops, i agree though, worth it…sooo tasty, who can have enough chocolate?

  6. I’ve loved this little building since I was a kid…. It made so much sense when a candy shop moved in last year. But how does Burdick’s compare to Hotel Chocolat on Newbury?… Their chocolate is breathtaking.

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