Dapanji 大盘鸡 @ Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Cafe Chelmsford, MA Boston

just wanted to do a quick update on Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Cafe. ive written a full review for it before, if you havent read it before you should def check it out!!!

anyways, apparently gene’s has a secret menu that cant be found anywhere. on tuesdays and wednesdays, they are able to make this dapanji 大盘鸡 dish for you if you order a few days in advance. Dapanji is a popular Uyghur dish in Xinjiang, China. the main ingredients usually consist of chicken, potatoes, green peppers, onions, sichuan hot peppers, and most importantly, handmade noodles. doesnt the word ‘handmade noodles’ just hit the spot?!

i made a reservation a week in advance. he only makes dapanji that serves 5 people plus starting from $55. we only had three people, but oh well, cant stop us! we still got the 5 ppl portion.

when we got there our dapanji wasnt ready yet, i was starving to death, so i ordered the lamb stew as an ‘appetizer’ hehehehe.

on the right is their homemade sour plum drink 酸梅汤 – yes sour, but light and refreshing, i drank 2 of them.


so here comes the dapanji!


the handmade noodles are buried in the bottom of the dish, soaking all the sauces, oil, and all the good stuffff!! very al dente, firm, chewy, heavenly!


this dish is savory, spicy, or super spicy if your tolerance is low. my friend was sweating like crazy and he said his mouth was numb and couldnt taste anything after a while. gene’s is def my fave noodle place in MA and gene’s version of dapanji wasn’t bad at all. i enjoyed it although it wasnt china good yet. we were super stuffed at the end of our meal and we didnt even finish half of the dish, i could barely walk or breath.

the owner told me that they are testing out more dishes on the secret menu such as pork rib with buried handmade noodles.

so once again, if you wanna check out this dish, make sure you call in and make a reservation first. they will NOT make it for you without a reservation.

oh fyi, they will be closed next week, i believe from thursday til sunday or something, im sowwie i totally forgot the dates. please call in to make sure. chelmsford is pretty far, dont waste your gas!!!

have a great weekend guys!

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257 Littleton Rd
Chelmsford, MA 01824
(978) 256-6789

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31 thoughts on “Dapanji 大盘鸡 @ Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Cafe Chelmsford, MA Boston

  1. Oh man does that look good. We are about to go out for a Vietnamese dry bowl, but I love the look and description of the noodles here. It puts me in hog heaven. I want to die eating this food, my face falling into the bowl.

  2. Wow! Now I really know that I need to learn how to use photoshop. pleeeeease teach me 🙂 Great work, I love all of the food, it looks tantalizing.

  3. Good to know about this place. I’ll keep it on my list for Boston. BTW, thanks for dropping by, and your “Like” I’ll follow your Blog to find out more about good eats. Please come back again, because I am also building my food reviews, among other topics.

  4. Chelmsford MA!!!!! I grew up in Chelmsford, Essex, in the UK. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a mention of the other Chelmsford other than when we learned about it at Primary School. I am ridiculously excited 🙂

  5. Hmmm. These dishes must taste very good. I guess from the look the first dish was mutton with bits of Chinese steamed bread in mutton soup. It’s called 羊肉泡馍 (Yang Rou Pao Mo), mutton soaked with steamed bread. 羊肉泡馍and大盘鸡 are typical local food in the northwest part of China. They are my favorite too!

      1. Yes. How amazing people meet each other here on wordpress! I had my college in Beijing and have lived here for 8 years. I’d say Beijing is a paradise for food. Local Chinese food and foreign food concentrate here. You’re lucky to grow up in here.

      2. You’re right. Originally, we’re from Anhui and Jiangsu respectively, but we came here to college in beijing in 2004 and have been living here since.

        What a wonderful coincidence, haha, nice to meet you!

  6. Dapanji looks fantastic, I have to confess I’ve never heard of it before and I’ve certainly not seen any here in the UK.

    One I may have to dig out a recipe for.

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