Mistral @ Back Bay Boston, MA

went to mistral for din din last night. we opted for the 3-course restaurant week menu.


sauvignon blanc – they have an extensive wine list. this wasnt bad, relatively smooth, pleasant and has a unique aroma to it.

really liked the hummus, maybe because i was starving.



Chilled Summer Corn Soup with Avocado and Jumbo Lump Crab, Jalapeño Oil
FAVE thing of the nighttt. loved it! sooo creamy and a hint of sweetness from the corn. avocado and crab can never taste baddd.

Grilled Sirloin with “Pommes de Terre Lyonnaise”, English Stilton and Port Wine
a giant piece of steak! not a huge fan of steak, but ive had way better than this.

panna cotta – not sure if i liked it. too jelly and wasnt creamy enough.

i dont wanna judge a restaurant during restaurant week, but it would be a huge plus if they nailed it. unfortunately it didnt happen here, but i freaking loved the soup! no need to comment on the service or the crowd. it’s restaurant week. enough said.

happpppppppy monday!!!!!! my 8th 17th birfuday weekend is this coming weekend. im gonna do some damage to pork belly’s bank account. stay tuned!

Mistral on Urbanspoon

Categories: French, Mediterranean
223 Columbus Ave
(between I-90 & Cahners Pl)
Boston, MA 02116
Neighborhood: Back Bay
(617) 867-9300


41 thoughts on “Mistral @ Back Bay Boston, MA

  1. It’s really a good thing that I live an hour north of Boston, and not in the city. I’d go broke eating out all the time. 🙂 Thanks for posting more of these beautiful photographs and details…

  2. We have restaurant week here in NYC. I don’t enjoy it as much as ordering ‘off the menu’ because they essentially choose the items for you in advance and then mass-produce them because of the high demand during that time. Also, I often find that you don’t end up saving much with the restaurant week’s price fixe since the portion size is much smaller than it would be normally. Do you find it’s the same in Boston?

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I lived in Maine a few years back and admit that I didn’t take advantage of my trips to Boston and it’s restaurant scene. NYC has its own vibe. Now I’m in the Middle East and it’s entirely different but there are good meals to be had. All the best.

  4. scrolling through your blog has made me HUNGRY! such impressive photos, I always find food photography quite difficult (partly because I want to dig in and don’t have much patience to get the photos right) but your photos look divine! especially love the photos of the rest of the restaurant to get the whole atmosphere, which i think always improves the food.

    1. haha i know exactly what you are talking abt. everytime the food is brought to the table my friends have to wait for me to take pix before they can dig in. i get complains all the time haha. thanks for the comment!

  5. Thanx for stopping by and signing up to follow my posts. I presume you found my site with food search terms. Food is a recurring theme, but nothing as spectacular as your dining or photos. Feel free to stop by at any time. Leave a comment. Leave a dessert!

  6. I’m glad the week is off to a good start! I’ll be at No. 9 Park for restaurant week trying their 3-course tasting menu. I hope the food tastes as good as the pictures look on your site (understanding of course that they are different restaurants!).

  7. Yes, you can’t get an accurate picture of a restaurant from its RW menu… but it can be a good intro to a place.
    Great photos. Just curious…. was the bread 14 times larger than the hummus? I love hummus… but it looks like Mistral serves about 2 tablespoons!

  8. I lived in Boston years ago when I attended BU. Just the other day I talked to my friend about visiting Beantown soon, just to hang out there for a weekend and see what’s changed. Your amazing photos showing delicious food dishes and your comments about local restaurants has inspired me to travel to Boston this Fall. Thanks to you, I know where I can find great meals! Keep up your excellent work and thanks for visiting my blog. I’m now a follower of yours!

  9. Well after dropping in on you here
    I am feeling rather hungry and in need
    of some refreshments… Any ideas? 🙂


  10. Love your blog. The hubby and I have family in Boston, so it’s good to know what’s around when we go to visit. Keep it up.

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