Birthday Dinner @ O Ya Boston, MA

pork belly took me to o ya for my birfuday din din. i wanted to go there for the longest time and i was super excited hehehe

very mysterious low key entrance




the host and waiters were super friendly, welcoming, and unpretentious. i felt like everyone knew it was my birthday cuz every single staff wished me happy birthday when we arrived to o ya. wow.
pork belly made a reservation online so we got the bar seats yay


you can either order a la carte, each nigiri and sashimi dish consists of two pieces. they also have an omakase chef’s tasting menu which costs $275 per person. or you can get the chef’s tasting menu which all the stuff come from the a la carte menu. i also heard you can set a price that you would like to spend and they can make it work for you. if you have no idea what to order, just trust the staff and let them pick for you!

we opted for the chef’s tasting menu. i did some research before going there (of course) and there were a few things i really really wanted to try. i told our waiter and he made sure that we got those specific dishes that i wanted. they do have beef and other stuff besides sushi, but i asked for all nigiri and sashimi dishes. our waiter marked down every dish that we got. super nice of him! i also got a autograph of guchi san. bammmm





sparkling sake

pork belly got this japanese whisky. smooth but very strong. i dont like any kind of whisky. let it jus be a man drink then.

so here we go, the very first course – kumamoto oyster – watermelon pearls, cucumber mignonette
those that know me or read my blog probably know that i have oyster-phobia. ive had oysters long ago and i couldnt stand the texture and taste of it so i had to spit it out. ever since then ive been so scared of oysters so i never eat them.
i knew i was gonna get this oyster dish as the first dish accoriding to my research. i was kinda mentally prepared but i still struggled when it was right in front of my face. i manned up and wolfed it down my throat. omgggg i did it! first oyster ive ever swallowed. it didnt taste bad at all. i actually kinda enjoyed it!



2. hamachi – spicy banana pepper mousse. this was one of the courses i specifically requested. man it was soooo good. def one of my fave of the night.

3. salmon – unfiltered wheat soy moromi


4. bluefin chutoro – spicy mentaiko mayo, sesame

5. shima aji – spicy grapeseed sauce, masago

6. kohada japanese baby macherel – black olive puree aka shiso

7. santa barbara sea urchin – valencia orange, homemade soy, fresh wasabi



9. warm eel – thai basil, kabayaki, fresh kyoto sansho


10. homemade fingerling potato chip – australian perigord truffle

11. langoustine tempura – ao nori, spicy langoustine sauce, lemon zest
omg i cant believe i forgot to take a pic of this. i dont know if it didnt get recorded in my camera or i just did not take a pic of this. unbelievable.

i believe this was my very fave of the night. unbelievable


13. BLUEFIN MAGURO soy braised garlic, micro greens


14. FRIED KUMAMOTO OYSTER yuzu kosho aioli, squid ink bubbles
this is the one that a lot of people rave about. somehow it tasted exactly what i expected.


another fave of the night. very rich buttery mushrooms. i think it was marinated with sake or some sorta alcohol. love it. im a huge fan of mushrooms, this def hit the spot.. ummmmmmmmmm.


16. SHIMA AJI & SANTA BARBARA SEA URCHIN ceviche vinaigrette, cilantro
another uni dish. guchi is so kind to spoil me with all these uni dishes ❀

17. SCOTTISH SALMON spicy sesame ponzu, yuzu kosho, scallion oil


18. HAMACHI viet mignonette, thai basil, shallot

19. KANPACHI jalapeno sauce, sesame, apple, myoga

20. shiro ika
not on the menu. was shipped straight from japan

21. ARCTIC CHAR yuzu cured, smoked sesame brittle, cumin aioli, cilantro
i thought the concept of this was awesome. when he brought this dish, he told me that there will be smoke coming out so i can be ready to take pix of it.
i can really taste the smoke which i thought it was wicked cool.

22. BLUEFIN TORO ginger tofu vinaigrette, sesame, nori, green onion.

23. SCOTTISH SALMON BELLY cilantro, ginger, hot sesame oil drizzle

24. FOIE GRAS balsamic chocolate kabayaki, claudio corallo raisin cocoa pulp, sip of aged sake

and the birfuday dessert yayyyyyyyyyy

hands down, the best meal and best sushi ive had in boston so far. the entire meal was exquisite. freshest ingredients directly from the source. the combination of the ingredients is just magical and worked unbelievable well together.
service was TOP NOTCH. very PERSONAL, professional, informative, considerate, warm, friendly, comfortable, and most importantly unpretentious.
Guchi san is extremely kind and generous. he really catered to my likings and spoiled me with drinks and uni dishes. watching Guchi san making the sushi was really a pleasure. he truly made the entire meal extremely special and an unforgettable experience!

Category: Japanese
9 East St
Boston, MA 02111
Neighborhoods: Waterfront, Leather District, South Boston
(617) 654-9900

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73 thoughts on “Birthday Dinner @ O Ya Boston, MA

  1. So sushi for some reason terrifies me, but between this blog post and the descriptions in Muriel Barbery’s The Elegance of the Hedgehog I feel like I HAVE to try it at some point.

  2. Wow I can see from your photos why you’ve been wanting to eat here for so long! It’s amazing! I love nigiri and sashimi and oysters are a favourite even after someone said to me they never eat raw oysters because they are the rubbish collectors of the ocean!
    Happy birthday to you! Thanks for sharing pictures of the food even though I wish I could actually eat it lol! πŸ˜‰

  3. Beautiful pictures of your birthday dinner. I especially like the B&W ones. The one of the chefs waiting to work, it has that feel of an early 1900s picture. BTW – haven’t been able to get used to sashimi. My grandpa, though, had to have his sashimi everyday with his sake.

  4. What an amazing evening. Your knowledge of the meal is impressive and so well photographed. I especially thought your kind words for the employees was charming. Such an important part of any evening yet often overlooked in a review.

  5. i would eat any of these things in a nano second! they all look and sound so incredible! all of the photos and descriptions really gave me a feeling of what being there might be like. only thing missing was the taste! happy birthday!

  6. I just got nominated for a Liebster Award and wanted to pay it forward by nominating you too!
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  7. Thanks for the follow!
    The sushi you had looks AMAZING and so mouth-watering. If you’re ever in Vancouver, there’s a place just like this called Tojo’s ( We always get the omakase menu and let Chef Tojo decide, and we’ve never been disappointed. Worth every pricey penny!

  8. Thanks for the follow! OMG – This place looks amazing – great photoessay! We are going to be in Boston at the end of the month – I think I know where I want to go the day we get there!

  9. Wow ! Beautiful food, and such BEAUTIFUL shots ! You tell the story of the dinner in a very appealing manner. It really makes me want to stop by Boston next time I’m in the US…

  10. Would love to live in Boston! Your blog is so beautiful! Yes, this blog is like an art gallery for food…the banana pepper mousse sounds delicious and intriguing like all the foods. (I also have oyster fear, not yet conquered).
    *Thank you* for these posts and pictures, with the comments after the pictures of foods. The writing and design are very reader-friendly. And thank you also for the “like” at my blog:)

  11. Just wanted to ask whether the prices on the menu are per piece of nigiri and sashimi or are there 2 pieces to a portion.

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