Au Pied de Cochon @ Montréal, QC

i went to montreal labor weekend for my friend’s biirfuday. we had an epic time there which involved with heavyyyy drinking, major lack of sleep, and hangover and result of that -> lost of appetite.

we made a reservation for au pied de cochon a month in advance and still got a 10:30pm reservation for sunday. i was dying to go there cuz it was featured on one of the anthony bourdain shows. being the first meal of the day at 10:30pm, i was still not hungry. the meal was supposed be super heavy, but because of my hangover, i could only eat a lil bit of it before i started to feel nauseous. bummmmer 😥

i still did enjoy the meal a lot, i would have enjoyed it even more if i werent in a such bad condition tho.

ok without further ado lets see what au pied de cochon is all about.

the restaurant was still mad packed when we arrived at 10:30pm on a sunday night. this pic was taken at 12:30am when we were leaving.









au pied de cochon is heavy on foie gras, but none of us is too crazy abt it so we ordered the foie gras poutine.

Foie Gras Poutine – this was soooo yummm. im not a huge fan of foie gras, but it was soo goood i had like 4 pieces of foie gras.



Pickled Tongue – i think this was the best beef tongue ive ever had. zero gameyness, super tender, well flavored, good texture.


beef tartare – i love all kinds raw meat, but i didnt like this. i didnt like how its marinated. i think like the strong alcohol taste. very gamey as well.

one of the special of the day – shepherd’s pie. of course they would have shepherd’s pie for special on sunday night. you’d know what i meant if you read anthony bourdain’s book. anyways, we did enjoy this a lot.

duck in a can

1/2 magret (breasts), 100g foie gras, 60 ml glace de viande au balsmque (meat), 180 ml d’embeurree de chou (buttered cabbage), 1/2 tete d’ail roti (roasted garlic),  2 branches de thym

ohhhh look at all that fatttt. the duck wasnt ducky at all which i liked. it’s jus tooooo oily for me to eat it so i only had couple bites.


ugh i hate blurrrry pic

fries fried in duck fat / super cute can. sowwie ducky we had to eat u 😦

for my friend’s bday, how awesome is that!

crème brûlée – so goooood!

it was a great meal altho i really wish i was in a better condition to fully enjoy the meal. will def return if im visiting montreal again!

a blurrry pic of me and my girl stella ❤


Category: French
536 Avenue Duluth E
Montréal, QC H2L 1A9
(514) 281-1114

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23 thoughts on “Au Pied de Cochon @ Montréal, QC

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  2. Everything looks absolutely delicious! Love the duck in a can and all the wine bottles! Sounds like a wonderful birthday!

  3. Still need to check out this resto! You guys ordered so much, how much did your bill come up to?! LOL and what would you rate this resto? quality and service?

  4. Wow! What fantastic images! And such a charming little restaurant. In Montreal, eh? I need to put this place on my list.

    I’ve had poutine before, but never with never foie gras poutine… it looks yummy!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Keep up the great blogging here! 🙂

  5. That duck-in-a-can is such a clever dish. I love how they ceremoniously dump its contents on your plate. Lovely. Au Pied is such a great place.

  6. Bunny, this is terrible allowing me to get to know you by looking at fantastic food from Montreal when I am sitting here considering dinner and hungry. Last night I was the “no name chef” for our sons college cinematography film project. The menu item was scallops in an Orange butter sauce. Both the scallops and the filming project turned out great. He is editing the project tonight. Thanks for liking my new photo site, World Surrounding Me, as you can see I am keen on faces. I will also be mixing in some poetry on the rare occasion. I look forward to your continued libations. Jean-Bernard.

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