Rialto @ Harvard Square Boston, MA


went to rialto for din din. my friend was running late so i grabbed a drink at the bar.



got a glass of riesling. very average.




dirty utensils. really? my appetite was already ruined.



chilled TOMATO SOUP… roasted garlic – this was weird. more like salsa than soup. i ate it like a dipping sauce with my bread.

TEAMED MUSSELS… angel hair pasta, spicy slow roasted tomatoes, aioli
shouldve listened to anthony bourdain this time. sandy and very NOT fresh mussels. wtf really? im kinda upset at this point.
dirty utensils + not fresh food = my 2 biggest pet peeves! i dun even care if food tastes bad as long as its fresh.
it is jus NOT acceptable when the food is not fresh. way to go rialto!

CATALAN SEAFOOD STEW… shrimp, mussels, clams, lobster, Romesco, chick peas, nuts
WRONG choice again. NOT FRESH!

BBQ PORK TENDERLOIN… polenta, grapes, spinach, maple syrup
this was the only somewhat enjoyable dish of the night. pork was very tender. enjoyed the flavor as well.

CHOCOLATE CRÈME BRULEE… chocolate dipped graham cookie and marshmallow
very burned. dislike

rialto failed miserably. dirty utensils, not fresh bad tasting food, burned desserts, extremely slow service. can it be any worse? this was a terrible dinner. will NOT return ever again.

Category: Italian
1 Bennett St
Cambridge, MA 02138
Neighborhood: Harvard Square
(617) 661-5050

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12 thoughts on “Rialto @ Harvard Square Boston, MA

  1. Based on dining room pictures and presentations it looks like they are striving to be more than Applebee’s. If it weren’t striving high I can see being a little lenient. But you’re right, unfresh and unclean are major strikes.

  2. Love your blog – my husband and I went to college in Boston and now live in the Balt/DC corridor, so we may actually get to sample some of these places, too. I must say, I’m a sucker for Georgetown Cupcakes! Sprinkles didn’t really make an impression on me, but I still need to try Sweet Lobby.

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