No. 9 Park @ Boston, MA

my friend took me to no. 9 park for my birthday. i know my birthday posts jus never end.





Christoffel Riesling kabinett urziger wurzgarten i loved it!

cocktail – no. 10



Scottish Salmon – salty

i actually forgot what this was. i think i liked it. fish was perfectly cooked and overall nice savory flavor.

Prune Stuffed Gnocchi – foie gras, toasted almonds, Vin Santo
one of no.9 park’s signature dish. i enjoyed it a lot.


pork shoulder – this dish was the most disappointing dish of the night. pork was not tender at all. bad choice of veggie.


i always wanted to check out no. 9 park since i like most barbara lynch restaurants/bars. i’d say no. 9 park was rather disappointing. very average uncreative dishes. i wasnt digging the ambience of the restaurant either. i dont think i would return in the future.




Category: French
9 Park St
Boston, MA 02108
Neighborhood: Downtown
(617) 742-9991

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15 thoughts on “No. 9 Park @ Boston, MA

  1. I completely agree with your assessments. Some of the dishes I had there during restaurant week were a little different, but many were the same. I also thought the pork was utterly disappointing and the dessert pretty “blah” as you put it! Great job with the pics. I wish I could have taken some that well!

  2. My friend lives there. He just moved there not too long ago. I will have to try this place when I visit. Thanks for this post!!

  3. They look yummylicious but the portions are just so French – looks good but tiny. Can they make it Asian style? ie huge mountain on a big plate. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed the pics.

  4. Dear Bunnyandporkbelly,
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    Catch you again soon!

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