Sushi Island @ Wakefield, MA Boston

a lot of ppl on chowhound are raving abt sushi island. out of curiosity, i had to check it out since it’s so close to me.

pretty empty when i got there on a wednesday night



a lady chef? umm









i do think their food is decent. pretty fresh fish. it didnt blow me away, but it was a good meal. i would return again in the future.

Category: Sushi Bars
397 Main St
Wakefield, MA 01880
(781) 224-3479

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17 thoughts on “Sushi Island @ Wakefield, MA Boston

  1. Beautiful shots. I love the close ups. I am trying to configure my camera to do close up shots and I just cant get it right. I think I need a new camera but I am definitely a fan..

  2. I just ate there today and was very happy to find high quality sashimi so close to the hotel my company chose for a conference this week.

    The entire area downtown Wakefield area was a ghost town on a Sunday due to hurricane Sandy’s eminent arrival, and I was the sole customer in the between lunch and dinner nether hours.

    I had a nice conversation with the host and delicious dish served fresh from the chef.

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