Oga’s Japanese Cuisine @ Natick, MA Boston

went to oga’s 2 nights ago and IT BLEW ME AWAY. besides o ya, this was the BEST sushi ive had in boston. i have been slacking on my blog posts. so many posts i need to do so many pix i need to edit, but screw all that,  i just have to i must to share with you guys my great din din at oga’s.

i usually do my post in chronological order, but today i am giving you the highlight of my night right at the beginning.


doesnt this look crazy good?!??!?!?!? this is the 8-piece omakase.

Oga’s Sushi 本日の寿司おまかせ

Oga’s specially selected sushi of the day

they also offer 10-piece omakase, but it was sold out that night. i didnt try out their other sushi, but based on this omakase, hands down best sushi ive had in boston so far (of course o ya is whole another story)

every bite was heavenly delicious. my friend NAOTAKA MISU who is also a foodie and japanese himself and has eaten at a lot sushi/japanese places in boston completely agreed with me that this was the BEST sushi he’s had besides o ya.


ok lets see the rest of our din din.. from the beginning.





Hamachi Usuzukuri はまち薄造り- Thinly sliced fresh yellowtail served with ponzu, chili sauce, and sesame oil

Madai Carpaccio 真鯛カルパッチョ – Authentic red snapper from Japan served with ponzu and balsamic vinegar

White Tuna Tataki びんながたたき – Fresh white tuna lightly seared and then marinated, served with mushrooms, onion, pepper,
sesame ponzu jelly, and plum sauce

Maguro Tataki 鮪たたき – lightly seared fresh tuna and sliced onions served with ponzu sauce

Chirashi ちらし寿司 – Assorted fresh seafood over a bed of seasoned sushi rice.







if you ever come to oga’s. please please get the omakase (oga’s sushi). it wont disappoint. everything else we had that night was good, but the omakase sushi def BLEW ME AWAY. every bite was ORGASMIC. i CANNOT wait to go back again to get the 10-piece omakase!! til then, i ll dream about it every night!

good night

have a great (long) weekend everyone. #eatmorefood

Categories: Japanese, Sushi Bars
915 Worcester St
Natick, MA 01760
(508) 653-4338

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34 thoughts on “Oga’s Japanese Cuisine @ Natick, MA Boston

  1. Wow, all that food looks amazingly delicious! And I’m sure it was! Now I need to find a sushi restaurant that makes sushi that looks just as good.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Stunning food! I have never heard of chefs choice or omakase at a Japanese restaurant before. What a brilliant idea. When we visited Japan a few years ago, eating out with a language barrier was often hard to order meals. Sometimes you just wanted whatever the chef reccomends. The Japanese didn’t seem to like giving recommendations though, I guess they didn’t want the pressure or disappointment of getting it wrong?

  3. Holy s**t that looks so good! Unfortunately, i’m taking this medical microbiology course and learned something about sushi which may prevent me from eating it ever again haha. Btw, thanks for following us! 🙂 -kristina

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