I Cooked…

i dont think ive ever blogged about my cooking… oh besides the evo car cake i made for pork belly’s birthday. yea surprisingly, i dont only just know how to eat, i can cook as well. in fact, i do like to cook a lot, but unfortunately, i dont have my own kitchen and i dun have anyone to cook for so i havent cooked for a while. i like to cook for people. it makes me happy. (eh do i sound like a grandma?)

this past weekend we planned to play majiang at my friend tingting’s place. i decided to cook. i havent cooked for at least half year and i never cooked for so many people, so i was kinda stressed.

when i was in syracuse for college, i was sick of limited food choices esp chinese food. i started to look up recipes and try to cook on my own. i cooked for friends when we had gatherings and usually got a lot of compliments. my dad, my aunt, and my grandma are probably the best cooks, i guess i got some of their traits.

shrimp with cucumbers

sichuan spicy beef with lettuce (in the bottom)

chicken with mushrooms

steamed cod

beef potato braised in tomato sauce. i know this doesnt look appetizing but it tasted pretty good.
i seared the beef with hot dry peppers and peppercorn first then slowly cooked it in tomato sauce for two hours.

i know my food pictures usually look better than how they taste. altho my cookings didnt look super appetizing from the pictures, they tasted pretty good. at least my friends cleaned all plates. yay

i thought about doing recipes on my blog, but when i cook, its pretty much freestyle. i dont use measurements, i dont follow any orders or rules, i just throw in whatever i feel like in at the moment, so the dishes might taste different every time.

let me know which dish y’all would like to learn how to make, i ll try to write up a recipe for it. 

i also made red bean soup but forgot to take a pic of it   😦

my friends bought desserts. how sweet


french macarons from Macaron Cafe in NYC



yea we didnt play for money, we played for some goose.

two of my best friends in boston tingting and pu pu. known each other for 10+ years ❤


hope you all enjoyed columbus weekend and ate some nice food!

58 thoughts on “I Cooked…

  1. first off, grey goose la poire is my jam. try one part la poire/one part carbonated water/slices of pear on ice. it’s great.

    secondly, you have a recipe for that sichuan spicy beef?

      1. haha, now i totally feel like i’ve been neglecting you. thanks in advance for that recipe.

        oh also, i went to oga’s based on your review and got the 10 piece special. the fish was super fresh and they used real wasabi, which is always cool. nice tip!

      2. oh also, have you tried genki ya for sushi? it’s nothing mind blowing, but their fish is pretty solid. i had some mackerel there that was super legit.

        haha, and it’s better quality than $1 sushi at sakanaya, i promise!

  2. delicious! looks kind of healthy too.. hmm yummy! AND YES PLEASE: some recipes! I need kind of all recipes you presented. maybe I will not steam a cod, but the first 3 and the last,I can’t wait for the recipes!
    Zeng you!!!

  3. recipe for red bean soup please! I only know how to make black sesame soup and ginger milk pudding, so I need another one for CNY! 🙂 3 is good luck Your dishes look yummy!

  4. Woah! Thats quite a meal! and with the best of buddies, cant ask for more!
    I think i would ve loved the chicked with mushroom, never tasted anythin lik it but i love the succulent mushrooms with anything!

  5. yum! those pictures look so good i want to eat my computer screen right now! I cook in the same way most times, i know this is approximately a tbsp or a dash of this, i sometimes have to measure when I am posting a recipe on my site though. great looking site and thanks for taking a look at my blog 🙂

  6. love your blog. I can’t view your photos at work though 😦 I need to start computering more at home so I can catch up; your photos are always amazing.

  7. Hey, the photos look really cool and I am definitely going to try making my own Szechuan beef. I’ve been trying some Thai recipes recently so this would make a good change from green curry lol!

    Some tasty ideas 🙂

  8. Those pics look great! We recently moved to Western Montana (read no good chinese food) so we’ve started making a lot of it at home. I’ll have to look up some of those recipes you posted, they look awesome!

    1. Recipes are hard to folow until you realise that in general they are guidelines not rigid instructions. Then you can just have fun. Certainly on my food blog I always say ‘Work it out for yourself, but this is where you start.’

  9. Beautiful photos! Especially the macarons – they always look so beautiful to me.

    It must be fun to get to try out lots of restaurants through traveling. I’m trying to do that in Vermont, but it’s all in one state. (Though I must say, there are quite a lot of foodies up here who are really into local and organic foods, so that’s a huge plus.)

  10. Your food pics got my stomach making all kinda somersaults … totally awesome pics! Would love to see recipes of the shrimp and cucumber, and chicken with mushroom dishes.

  11. Hi. Looked really good. I’m pretty good at Chinese myself, and haven’t been able to cook it for a while, so it made me feel wistful. Gone are the days of 8 starters, 8 main dishes, and rice and noodles. That was tough but worthwhile.
    Keep it up

  12. nom nom nom – I’d love the recipe to the first two! The sichuan spicy beef with lettuce (in the bottom) and the Shrimp with Cucumbers… I love cooked cucumbers – so refreshing. It’s a shame you don’t get to cook much, it sure looks like you have a talent for it.

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