Halloween nnnnnnnn

halloween pretty much became my fave ‘holiday’ ever since i stopped getting money on chinese new years. i rarely do a non food related post, but i thought i’d share some pix. i used to go out 2-3 nights in a row dressing up in different costumes, but this year i didnt feel like to. just one night one costume and nothing too crazy.

hope everyone had a great halloween weekend. ive been pretty busy packing and moving out. have to move out before the storm hits. my food posts will be up soon. stay full and safe!!!!


pork belly was a ghostbuster and i was a lil riding hood if you cant tell.







20 thoughts on “Halloween nnnnnnnn

  1. There’s something really weird about the perspective in the third shot… it’s like you had that effect Helena Bonham Carter had in Alice in Wonderland.

    Wifey and I haven’t gone trick-or-treating or even partying on Halloween for years. I think we’ve become boring folks!

  2. What a lovely Red Riding Hood you are! Good luck with Frankenstorm! I bought a bunch more batteries for flashlights, another big candle, and am doing all the laundry before we lose power again for five days. 😦 Thanks for checking out my blog!

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