French Macarons @ Bisous Ciao New York, NY

checked out bisous ciao couple months ago on the lower east side when i was in new york city.


macaron roses









its been a while since i visited so my memory is so vague now. i remember they were being generally decent, nothing mind blowing tho. they do have some interesting flavors such as:
pistachio – white chocolate pistachio ganache
gianduja – the classic mix of hazelnut and milk chocolate
yuzu- yuzu cream with a yuzu marmalade center
jasmine + green tea – jasmine infused white chocolate ganache
lavender + honey – lavender + honey flavored buttercream
mandarin and wasabi – mandarin was too strong, couldnt taste the wasabi at all.

Category: Food Bakeries Bakeries
101 Stanton St
(between Orchard St & Ludlow St)
New York, NY 10002
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

(212) 260-3463

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15 thoughts on “French Macarons @ Bisous Ciao New York, NY

  1. I popped into this store before, love the color (not a big fan of macarons though). The store is lovely and your pictures do it justice. I’d like to say though that I think it’s good the wasabi was not strong might be icky.

  2. Gorgeous photos. So sad they’re not as delicious as they look cuz they’re beautiful. If you’re ever in San Francisco, check out Chantal Guillon. Very flavorful and inventive with that delicate and slightly chewy meringue. Yum.

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