Yamato Restaurant @ Boston Brighton, MA

yamato is an all you can eat sushi joint in brighton. ive heard good things about yamato for a lonnnnnggggggggg time, but i was always hesitated to check it out because im not a buffet person especially when it comes to sushi. i finally decided to check it out one day because my friend Nao told me its legit.

4 of us hungry wolves came to yamato on a sunday night. finding a parking was a PAIN in that area; i almost lost all my patience. the restaurant was busy but we still managed to get a table. they do offer a la carte but most people would just go with all you can eat. you dont have to get up to grab you food like minado or maki maki , you just need to check off what you want on a piece of paper and they will serve you.

i took a lot pix cuz 4 of us ordered a lot. unfortunately, i freaking accidentally deleted all my pix except for  these two pix. worst nightmare of a food blogger. ugh.



they have all kinds of rolls, sushi, or sashimi. for the price you pay, the quality of the fish is really really not bad. i would totally come back one day. excellent value!

Categories: Restaurants Japanese Restaurants Sushi Bars Japanese, Sushi Bars

117 Chiswick Rd
(between Commonwealth Ave & Sidlaw Rd)
Brighton, MA 02135

(617) 787-8881

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to make up for my lack of pix and short post, im gonna do an update on Toraya restaurant.

toraya is probably my favorite sushi joint in boston. im not saying they have the best fish, best quality, best value, it’s jus simply my favorite spot for sushi. it’s sentimental.

ive written a full review before, but a lot of people dont know about this because it’s off the menu, you can actually order omakase at toraya . they dont have it all the time depending the availabilities of the fish. you will have to check with the waitress.

this is the sushi/sashimi omakase




smoked salmon and squid hand rolls. so gooood. i especially loved the squid one. yea sorry for the crappy iphone pix.

wash down with a shot of sake, life doesnt get any better than this.

Categories: Restaurants Sushi Bars Restaurants Japanese Food Sushi Bars, Japanese, Food
890 Massachusetts Ave
Arlington, MA 02474
Neighborhood: Arlington Center

(781) 641-7477

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