Samgyetang 张师傅参鸡汤 Mr. Zhang’s Ginseng Chicken Soup @ WangJing Beijing, China

haiiii, i just got back from my china trip. i was there for a week visiting the fam and friends. i rarely eat chinese food here in the states cuz they are all not authentic and full of MSG. i was soooo stuffed with all kinds asian food while i was in beijing. i ate from the morning to night, countless meals and snacks everyday. there was not a moment that i felt hungry cuz i was constantly eating. it wasnt really a good feeling tho but my fam and friends just kept feeding me because it’s a way to show hospitality in china and i couldnt resist.

without further ado, lets see what i ate in beijing.

honestly, im not a big fan of korean food. even korean bbq, it doesnt get me excited. i crave soondubu (soft tofu stew) every now and then, but thats pretty much it. samgyetang is what i love the most outta all, but unfortunately i cannot find one decent samgyetang place in the states.

mr. zhang’s samgyetang is the bomb! it is located in wangjing where has a huge korean population.


mr. zhang’s doesnt offer any other dishes except for ginseng chicken soup ranging from $10 to $150.

the soups are made of 20+ herbs including ginseng. ginseng has a lot health benefits such as stimulating immune system, treating diabetes, preventing cancer, lowering cholesterol levels, etc.




i got there super early and the girls were cutting up daikon.



not only Samgyetang is extremely healthy for you, but also super super tasty. the chicken is really tender and tasty. its been cooked for hours in low heat so all the flavors of the herbs can get into the chicken. there is sticky rice inside the chicken which is also tasty.

the ginseng inside the chicken

this place is super popular. it fills up quickly around 11:30 during lunch time. highly recommended!! i have to come here at least once whenever im in beijing!

address: 朝阳区阜通西大街望京西园四区412号楼底商(近望京街) 公交/驾车
Phone: 010-64745062


17 thoughts on “Samgyetang 张师傅参鸡汤 Mr. Zhang’s Ginseng Chicken Soup @ WangJing Beijing, China

  1. I can relate to the over-eating when visiting my family! We were there for 4 days last time and we had yum cha with a different set of people every day we were there.

    There is something super comforting about a Chinese soup. I found the restaurant version is never as good as one your parents or grandparents make. Did you find that?

  2. I always read your posts when I’m starving! There’s something about being able to eat the foods we grew up with – I can’t help stuffing myself silly when I get to go home, either. Looks like delicious eats on your trip!

  3. I agree that the best Chinese food is found in China – that said I do enjoy a takeway once in a while even if it does have all those msgs in it. The korean samgyetang sounds and looks delicious!! I wish I had known about that restaurant you went to when I was in Beijing so many years ago. At least I got to eat Beijing duck – in Beijing. That`s my one abiding memory of Beijing.

  4. That was a very interesting little tour and that does look so tender and delicious. If we understand correctly, the one soup is served with various side dishes, or were those ingredients of which you took a photo? Do you make your own back here in the US?

    1. haha sorry for the confusion. those are side dishes, you get them in all korean restaurants regardless what you eat. it’s like you get bread before your meals in the states. i dont make my own. its hard to find all ingredients and i dont like dealing with whole chickens.

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