SobaKoh @ East Village New York, NY

i have a lot stuff from my china trip to post, but im still working on the pix.
at the meantime, lets see this soba joint in new york city that i went this past summer.
i LOVE LOVE LOVE soba, so light, refreshing, simple, but yet tasty!! one of my fave food; i like it even more than ramen!
i didnt make a reservation cuz i dont know why i just assume all small japanese restaurants dont take reservations. we had to wait almost 2 hours, so make sure u make a reservation before u go.




you see where the vase is? if you go there early at night, you probably can catch the chef making the soba there.


pork belly got a set meal





Assorted Mix Tempura
2 shrimps, anago, veges




hot eggplant soba

Uni Ikura Soba
Cold soba with sea urchin, salmon roe, shiso leaves on top!!!! delish!!!


Green Tea Mousse
With whipped cream and red bean sauce

buckwheat ice cream, this was unusual and yum!

i did enjoy the food at soba koh a lot! would return in the future!

evo 8 ❤

Category: Japanese
309 E 5th St
(between 2nd Ave & 1st Ave)
New York, NY 10003
Neighborhood: East Village
(212) 254-2244

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20 thoughts on “SobaKoh @ East Village New York, NY

  1. Looks pretty gosh darned awesome if you ask me. I’ve never been to New York but it’s on my “to visit list”. Actually, I’ve never been to America. I’ve seen plenty of American films, though, so I expect it to be like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Or Fargo. Or Batman… I think I may be wrong, actually. Hey ho.

  2. I love soba too! I’m off to Japan in less than three weeks. There’s a gorgeous little place in Hokkaido that makes soba out of pure, fresh spring water every day. Served with a dashi broth and a single tempura prawn. Cant wait.

  3. Do you really have to wait 2 hours now to get a table at sobakoh? it’s always been one of my favorite places but I haven’t been in a long time … since they opened another cocoron on Broome st I’ve been going there to get my soba.

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