Peking Duck @ Da Dong Beijing, China

eating peking duck is a must whenever im in beijing, the home of peking duck and me, duh. i usually go to quan ju de peking duck if im eating with the fam; its the most legit and traditional place to eat peking duck period. when i eat peking duck with friends, i tend to go to da dong because it offers a lot more other than the traditional duck related dishes.


da dong is super popular, so be prepared to wait.

they give u a number (pic on the right) and your name will be called when ur table is ready.


yes. i really meant ‘popular’. look at all these rewards and titles.





sea cucumber


one thing you dont see at chinese restuarants in the states: novel-thick menus.
these novel-thick menus are super popular in china. very detailed with descriptions and pictures. you can order food without knowing one chinese word. how awesome.



tofu with crab roe, red beans, and chestnut

duck liver with black peppers.


they slice up ur duck right in front of you.





first thing you wanna do when your duck is served is to dip a piece of the skin in the sugar.
it melts right in your mouth.

the wraps

then you wanna wrap everything up and eat!

duck head, i personally dont eat it.

here is another wrap. nom nom nom nom

you have a choice of taking the leftover duck home after they slice it up or ask them to make the duck soup.
we usually take the duck home and feed our dogs, but today i didnt feel like to so here is the duck soup

another reason we take the duck home instead of getting the soup is because i dont like the duck soup. its pretty tasteless and too ducky.


as i mentioned in my previous post, i was stuffed with all kinds food throughout the day everyday so i never felt hungry and didnt have a good appetite.
i dont know its because of that or the duck wasnt just too good today. i was never disappointed when i came to da dong, but today the duck didnt too yum and the meat was a lil dry.
the service is not good as usually, jus like any other restaruants in beijing. in general, dont expect any kinda service when you dine in beijing cuz service is non-existent in china. you are not tipping them either so i wont compalin.

the best thing i had from this meal is this tea drink.

its basically a milk tea drink with chinese red dates – jujubes
i love jujubes, i def loved this tea drink. im gonna have to try to make my own



orange on dried ice. really? very interesting presentation.


we had the entire 10-person table to ourselves (just me and another friend). we couldnt finish the duck and i was in a serious food coma and had to take a nap on my paul frank neck pillow. and no. i dont usually carry this around with me.

yes, da dong is a little bit pricey compare to average chinese restaurants. be ready to drop $100 USD a head for a decent meal.

isnt it the same oranges we jus ate? jk


Address: Bldg 3, Tuanjiehu Beikou, Dongsanhuan Lu, SE corner of Changhong Qiao, Chaoyang district
Tel: 86-01-65822892/65824003

i was chatting with pork belly yesterday and he showed me this website that teaches you how to order chinese food. it shows the name, pictures, and pronunciation of popular dishes. he said it’s extremely helpful when he was in china. i thought i’d share with you guys.

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18 thoughts on “Peking Duck @ Da Dong Beijing, China

  1. Thank you for posting this!! I’m going to Beijing at the end of the month and it seems like everyone recommends Da Dong. Can’t wait to try it 🙂

  2. oh wow, awesome pics, awesome resto! and that menu!
    I’ve had peking duck in macau and singapore…my goodness, really good. I bet that one in china is more superior! One problem with it though, my nape would be in pain after all that cholesterol..ahh, everything in moderation!

  3. Now you have me drooling for Christmas eve! My mother and I always go out for Peking Duck together as a little tradition of our own. They always make an extra dish out of the left over duck, but you have a choice of what you get. I can’t imagine feeding my left over duck to the dog though! It’s too delicious xD

    I’m dying to go to China. I’ll have to remember this place when I finally get to go.

  4. You have an amazing blog, I can’t stop reading your posts and the only thing that is bothering me right now is that I can’t just go and visits those places myself. It is hard to believe that food was not to your standard as those pictures look absolutely delicious.
    I was very surprised with the information about the service in Beijing I would never imagined it could function like that but at least I won’t experience a cultural shock when I finally get there (hopefully).

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