Oishii Sushi Bar @ Chestnut Hill, MA Boston

came to oishii sushi bar with Naotaka couple months ago. oishii has a few locations and this sushi bar is known for the best out of all. the wait wasnt too long on a weekday.






HOTATE OR IKA HOKKAIYAKI (Baked scallop with mayo)






hands down, one of the freshest fish ive had in boston, BUT i didnt like the way that they made my sushi. wayy too big, no wasabi between the fish and the rice, or jus the way they cut the fish. the restaurant itself is super small/packed and kinda smokey. i had to get up couple times so the waitress could get thru.


Oishii Sushi Bar
Categories: Sushi Bars, Japanese
612 Hammond St
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
(617) 277-7888

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9 thoughts on “Oishii Sushi Bar @ Chestnut Hill, MA Boston

  1. You didn’t like that the sushi was too big, and I don’t like it when I think it is too small and skimpy! I think it’s a good idea to ask about the wasabi on the sushi when you order. You didn’t have to ask in the past, but I think that due to the popularity of sushi with the masses, sushi chefs in some restaurants leave it off. I hate it when I forget to ask because I want it put where it belongs by someone besides me! I still think I’d like to try this place next time I’m in Boston, so thanks for sharing. (the cut of the fish is very (odd) unique.

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