Recipe: Spicy Beef with Green Peppers


pork belly moved to boston recently and we moved to a town thats super far out of the city. we dont have easy access to good restaurants in the city anymore so i have been cooking a lot.

*this is my first time writing up a real recipe and probably wouldnt be helpful if you dont have any cooking experience. i have no measuring tools so i cant tell exactly how much stuff i used. more or less, all depending on ur preferences.


green peppers
dried chili peppers
peppercorns (about 10 pieces)- if you like the sichuan numb taste you can put a lil bit more. dont put too much if you dont like it because its very strong.
salt and pepper
cooking wine
soy sauce
corn starch
oil based chinese hot sauce of your choice  – this is very important cuz majority of ur flavor comes from this. you can find them from the ‘hot pot’ section in chinese grocery stores.

i used:

1. thinly slice the beef and put in a bowl, marinate with soy sauce, salt, pepper, cooking wine, corn starch. leave in the fridge while you are preparing other things.

2. cut green peppers and potatoes

3. heat up the pan and MAKE SURE THERE IS NOT ONE DROP OF WATER IN THE PAN otherwise hot oil will pop and spatter VIOLENTLY after coming into contact with water. pour cooking oil and wait it to heat up.

4. stir-fry the green peppers and potatoes til 80% cooked.

5. set the 80% cooked green peppers and potatoes a side for later use.

6. heat up the pan again and pour cooking oil. add dried red chili peppers, peppercorns, and your favorite chinese hot sauce.

after the dried red chili peppers and peppercorns are pretty fried and turn to blackish color (not too burned), add ginger.

7. dump in the beef that  you marinated earlier and stir fry


8. after the beef is 90% cooked. dump in the green peppers and potatoes that you cooked earlier. add salt.


9. serve and EAT!!


pork belly approves.


please let me know if you have any questions and suggestions since this is my 1st time doing a recipe. thanks!

15 thoughts on “Recipe: Spicy Beef with Green Peppers

  1. You don’t necessarily need to have measuring tools to list the qualtity of ingredients. You could list how many potatoes and peppers you used and the rest could be approximations. That being said the step by step photos are great!!

  2. Great for your first attempt at giving a recipe. Completely different to my usual type of cooking so I’ll be giving this a go as part of a ‘new look’ in the New Year. So more recipes please (but not, for me, anything ‘sweet & sour’, which I really dislike).

  3. Hey it’s so exciting to see what you cook at home. Those Sichuan-style flavours are some of my favourite. I love the Sichuan peppers with chilli, it’s so addictive. I’ve never cooked it myself though. Might give it a try.
    I think that one should definitely make sure of closing all doors around the house and not be wearing one’s best outfit to cook this, right? And perhaps wearing a shower cap over one’s clean hair haha. The smell is lingering, which gives a clue as to the potency of the flavour 🙂
    I’m getting cravings just looking at those photos! Hope you’re settling in well 🙂

  4. As a cook who teaches cooking classes and writes recipes for my blog, I can say your directions are excellent! Pictures are always helpful, but your instructions are spot-on. You tell us what to look for to go to the next step, and even give a safety warning. What’s more, you didn’t make lengthy instructions, which can be harder to follow. Great job!

    If I can help with any future recipe writing questions you have, please just ask. Your entry here makes me think I should share a handout I have for my students on how to estimate measurements. It might help a few people. 😀

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