MuLan @ Kendall Square/MIT Cambridge Boston, MA

mulan is a taiwanese joint in cambridge. i know a lot of my friends come here but this was actually my 1st time there. i was craving mad dumplings.



京酱肉丝 this is a popular pork dish from beijing, yea i made a wrong choice ordering it i guess.
pork was too thin and dry. you are supposed to eat it with bean curd wraps but they didnt provide it.

pork dumplings – was ok. handmade dumplings, cant compare with what my family makes.

beef wrap – wasnt what i expected.


pork and shrimp dumplings – again, cant compare to what my family makes, but this was better than the pork one.

sauce for dumplings


my meal at mulan was rather disappointing. i dunno if we ordered the wrong items or the food is just average.

Category: Taiwanese
228 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02139
Neighborhood: Kendall Square/MIT
(617) 441-8812

Mulan Taiwanese Cuisine on Urbanspoon

Mulan Taiwanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


One thought on “MuLan @ Kendall Square/MIT Cambridge Boston, MA

  1. I really like the photo story style of what you do here. I feel like I am eating along with you. I would love to read in more detail reasons why you like or dislike a food since I am a foodie myself……….

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