Taqueria el Amigo @ Waltham, MA Boston

Taqueria el Amigo is a mexican joint in waltham. its pretty popular on chowhound.

very small and cash only


shrimp cocktail. yummm

tacos were very good and flavorful


steaks – i didnt like this. dry, overcooked, and very gamey

Chicken Enchiladas

i liked the tacos a lot but the entrees were disappointing. people often compare Taqueria el Amigo with Taqueria Jalisco in east boston. i like Taqueria Jalisco in east boston much much better.

Category: Mexican
196 Willow St
Waltham, MA 02453
(781) 642-7410

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2 thoughts on “Taqueria el Amigo @ Waltham, MA Boston

  1. I agree. I’ve been to both places. Taqueria Jalisco is our absolute favorite. You get sooo much guacamole for like $5. Totally worth the trek out to East Boston!

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