2012 Favorites

its been 9 months since i started blogging bunnandporkbelly. i started for fun, but im glad a lot of you like what i blog about and find my info useful yay. now i have 3,200 followers and i made a few good friends thru my blog which im really thankful for. thanks for visiting bunnyandporkbelly, leaving comments, following my blog, and being supportive. a lot of you like my food pix the most. i would like to thank pork belly for being supportive, constantly upgrading my camera gear, buying me new lenses so i have the best equipments to shoot with. i also would like to thank my friends for being supportive of me, always trying new restaurants with me, sharing these memorable food moments with me, and being patient, holding the drool inside their mouth when im taking pix of food.

here’s some my favorite/memorable food moments in 2012:

favorite sushi: oya @ BostonIMG_1774-2

favorite/best value oomakase: Oga’s Japanese Cuisine @ Natick, MA Boston

favorite french: Menton @ Waterfront Boston

favorite meal/ambience: Bondir @ Cambridge

favorite dessert: Passion Fruit crème brulee with fresh whipped cream @ Prezza @ North End

favorite oyster: Neptune Oyster @ North End

favorite drink: Phil Collins vodka, cucumber, lime, chartreuse @ The Hawthorne @ Fenway Kenmore Square IMG_5380

favorite wine: Christoffel Riesling kabinett urziger wurzgarten @ No.9 parkno9-2

favorite tacos/mexican: Taqueria Jalisco @ East Boston

favorite lunch: 163 Vietnamese Sandwiches & Bubble TeaUntitled

favorite pasta: shrimp fra diavolo @ Basta Pasta Trattoria

favorite soba: Uni Ikura Soba @ SobaKoh @ East Village New YorkIMG_3872

favorite food in nyc: XinJiang BBQ Carts @ FlushingIMG_8161

favorite ice cream: black sesame ice cream @ Mitsuwa Marketplace NJ

favorite ravioli: O’Thym @ MontrealL1140806

favorite mushroom: Kazu @ MontrealL1140970

favorite cupcakes: The Sweet Lobby Capitol Hill Washington, DC

favorite bingsoo: Green Tea Bingsoo @ Shilla Bakery Centreville, VA

craziest thing i ate: raw chicken @ Yakitori Zai @ South End

favorite soup: Samgyetang @ Zhang’s Ginseng Chicken Soup Beijing

what were your favorite food moments in 2012?

happy new years everyone! eat more yummy food in 2013!


18 thoughts on “2012 Favorites

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  2. Wow! You certainly eat well, my dear. Those sea urchin roe shots are making my tastebuds jump and down!! Keep up the good work. If I ever fulfil my dream of a culinary tour of the US I will be sure to consult your most excellent blog 🙂

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