Giulia @ Porter Square Cambridge, MA

giulia is one of the newly opened restaurants ive been wanting to check out. it opened in december. michael pagliarini is the chef/owner of giulia who previously served as a chef at via matta. giulia features in house made pasta dishes and a chef’s table serving tasting menus.

last night, we went to giulia for din din. giulia is pretty popular; we only got a 9pm reservation even we made a reservation 4 days in advance. service at giulia was super friendly, professional, and accommodating. our reservation was for 4 ppl initially, but my friend brought an extra friend so they had change to a bigger table. they placed us at chef’s table right away.



wine was ok.



Pappardelle With Wild Boar- black trumpet, juniper and aged parmigiano
i liked it a lot, very flavorful without being salty. pasta is al dente.

Lobster Agnolotti- umbrian truffles, chives and lobster brodetto
really delicious. well executed.



i really enjoyed my dinner at giulia. not only the food was delicious, the service was extremely pleasant. im not all about the food cuz i def cant put up with any terrible services. dining is about the overall experience, great service def is a plus and it’s what keeps ppl (me) coming back. i cant wait to be back to check out their tasting menu!



Category: Italian
1682 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138
Neighborhood: Porter Square
(617) 441-2800

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