Recipe: Sweet and Sour Shrimp

Settings: 1/50 Ζ’/1.8 ISO 400 50 mm

Sweet and sour shrimp was one of my fave dish when i was a kid. extremely easy and quick to make and kids love it!


shrimp – prefer fresh shrimps with heads.
cooking wine, starch, dark vinegar, salt (pic below)
sesame oil and soy sauce (2nd pic below)



i dug out a bag of frozen shrimps, so i am just gonna use these today. the dish would taste SO MUCH better if you use fresh whole shrimps! if you use the frozen shrimps, make sure you get rid of all the water after they defrost.

1. chop up ginger and scallions


2. make the sauce. mix vinegar, sugar, salt, and a little bit cooking wine and water in a cup. taste it. add more vinegar if you like more sour, or more sugar if you like sweeter.


3. add corn starch in the sauce mix.

4. heat up the pan and put oil after the pan heats up.

5. after the oil heats up, dump in the ginger and scallions.


6. throw in the shrimps


7. after the shrimps are cooked. pour in the sauce that you made earlier and add soy sauce and couple drops of sesame oil.

there you have it. im serving it over a bowl of bacon and egg fried brown rice for din din tonight.


pork belly enjoys his din din.

pork belly made flan for me for the 1st time today. i was impressed. it was so good.
let me know if you guys need a recipe of it.

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