Recipe: Tomato with Eggs


i was hesitated to do this recipe cuz i dont wanna look like a n00b. i bet almost every chinese person can make this dish. this is pretty much the 1st dish you learn when you learn how to cook. anyways, i still would like to share this recipe cuz its super quick and easy to make and somewhat healthy.

2-3 eggs
4-5 tomatoes

1. chop up the tomatoes and scallions

2. beat the eggs, add salt and pepper.

3. heat up a pan and pour oil

4. when the oil is heated, add scallions.

5. pour the egg mix

6. get the eggs out and set aside as soon as it’s cooked. dont over cook it.

7. heat up the pan again with oil and throw in more scallions. (yea i love scallions, if you dont, you can avoid the scallions)

8. throw in the tomatoes

9. add sugar

10. when the tomatoes are pretty much cooked, throw in the eggs

11. add salt and more sugar if you need it and mix (dont add salt too early cuz salt will make all the juice come out).

there you have it.

great over (brown) rice because it has a lot of sauce.


pork belly likes.


18 thoughts on “Recipe: Tomato with Eggs

  1. Your post gives me warm fuzzies. My parents used to cook this for us a lot when we were kids but I’ve never seen it at any Chinese restaurant. I wonder if it’s too simple to share with non-Chinese? How much sugar do you use? I always remembered this dish being slightly more sweet than savoury.

    1. Yea you are right. I guess they are too simple to be served at restaurants. It’s supposed to be sweet rather than savory. I don’t add that much sugar to be healthier, but it really depends on your preferences. You can jus add little by little til you are happy with how it tastes.

    1. It really depends on ur preferences. This dish is supposed to taste sweet rather savory. People like to put a lot sugar in it to make it sweet, but some people don’t. You can add little by little til u are happy with how it tastes.

  2. that looks seriously fantastic. I’ve never thought of that. I will be making that soon. of course I’ll probably need to add some green onions and jalapenos and…but what a great base recipe. Thank you

  3. i love this dish over rice or noodles/pastas. over the years, we started adding more basil and sometimes a drizzle of sesame oil or both. we love it. total comfort food. πŸ™‚

  4. That looks super yummy! Mum used to make this for me all the time as it used to be my favourite dish! I might have to make it this week to have a little piece of home in Germany. Thank you for sharing! Foodie love! ❀

    Ps. I love that you call your boy pork belly!

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