Recipe: Flan in a Mug


flan is one of my fave desserts. super sweet and unhealthy which makes it tastes so good! pork belly learned to how to make it yesterday and succeeded the 1st time. yay!

2 eggs
230 ml milk
condensed milk

we dont have legit baking containers, so we are just using mugs.

1. coat inside the mug with a layer of butter, so it will be easier to remove the flan from the mug. you can use the spray as well.

2. making the caramel: heat sugar and water on medium heat.

3. wait til it turns brown color and remove it from the stove before it starts to burn.

4. pour the caramel inside the mugs


5. beat the eggs

6. heat the milk + condensed milk + sugar and mix them when it gets warm. dont let it boil. you only need the liquid to get warm so they can mix well together.

7. pour the milk mixture into the bowl of eggs and mix mix mix. mix it really well.
if the milk mixture is too hot, wait til it to cool down before pouring, otherwise the milk will cook the egg and make it solid.

8. pour the mixture into the mugs.


9. place the mugs with covers into the steamer. steam for about 20 mins after the water boiling.

10. place the mugs in the fridge for it to cool down. i suggest to leave it overnight so it gets rid of the eggy taste. serve chilled

1. you can also add vanilla extract into the milk mixture if you like vanilla flavor.
2. if the flan doesnt get solid after it’s steamed, that means the milk/egg ratio is off. too much milk and too a few eggs. the eggs make the flan solid.
3. if too eggy taste, leave in the fridge overnight. it ll get rid of the eggy taste.

hope you guys enjoy this recipe and let me know how it turns out for you!


23 thoughts on “Recipe: Flan in a Mug

  1. Inspirational. Great post. I will give flan another shot and move it from the “only-at-a-restaurant” to the “let’s-try-this-at-home-again” status.

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