Revisiting My College – Syracuse University – Where to Eat!

2 and half years ago i graduated from syracuse university. i spent 4 years of my life in syracuse, ny and made some best of my friends in life.


syracuse is in the middle of no where, who would imagine there is actually a lot good food there like dinosaur bbq, insomnia cookies, funk n waffles, pastabilities’ spicy tomato oil- a syracuse signature, unique tea house – best green tea bubble tea ive had entire life, cream puffs, fish burgers, and so much more.

sherry, my best friend from college, went back to syracuse for grad school. i went back to visit her last fall in September. i was there only for 2 days so couldnt eat everything i wanted.

first thing first, i had to get some green tea bubble tea from unique tea house. hands down, BEST GREEN TEA MILK TEA IVE HAD IN MY LIFE. i believe its made of real green tea instead of fake power stuff. very rich and real green tea taste. all those all nighter’s, this green tea milk tea helped me to stay awake better than coffee would.



cream puffs, super good!!! the cream jus explodes in your mouth. super smooth and fluffy! way better than cream puffs from tous les jours.

i forgot to take a pic of the green tea milk tea, but you can see a lil bit of it on this pic.

Unique Tea House
(315) 422-7385
171 Marshall St
Syracuse, NY 13210
Tea, Smoothies, Japanese
Delivery, Free Wi-Fi, Kid Friendly, Late Night

Unique Tea House on Urbanspoon

the chicken waffle is from funk n waffle, which is my fave waffle place on campus
my fave thing is this smoked salmon w/ cream cheese waffle. now they are so stingy with the salmon, i remember they used be way more salmon back in the days.



Funk ‘n Waffles
(315) 477-9700
727 S Crouse Avenue, Suite 8
Syracuse, NY 13210

Funk 'n Waffles on Urbanspoon

we took a nice walk on campus to help digest the food.



we drove to a park closeby




there is NO better way to spend the weekend other than drinking and eating with your fave people on this earth. so we drove to Three Brothers Wineries and Estates in Geneva, NY to taste some local wine. guess what can be the worst thing ever happened to you when you are at a winery. thats right! forget bringing your ID! and thats what i did, i forgot to bring my ID.

this vineyard is actually pretty big. it consists of 4 tasting rooms and each one of the room had different themes.













since i forgot to bring my id, i couldn’t do the wine tasting. they wouldnt sell me a wine tasting ticket. however, my friend still bought me a huge bottle of red wine slushy for me to sip on. i never drink red wine cuz i hate the taste of it and every time i drink it something bad happens (my body). this time, i had some allergic reaction. i was tearing up the whole afternoon.

we bought a few bottles and the wine was SURPRISELY GOOD! i highly recommend this place if you are in the area!

Three Brothers Wineries and Estates
15 reviews Rating Details
Category: Wineries [Edit]
623 Lerch Rd
Geneva, NY 14456
(315) 585-4432

for din din we went to Dinosaur BBQ – one of my fave spot to eat in cuse. this place is AMAZING! easily beats any bbq place in boston! if you never had this before, you are def missing out in life.


unfortunately, its super packed as usual, so we decided to do take out.




we got the family meal or whatever, there are more chicken, pork, beef stuff on the bottom, but before i snap a pic of them, my friends already wolfed them down.


Dinosaur BBQ
(315) 476-1662
Barbecue, American, Southern/Soul
246 W Willow St
Syracuse, NY 13202

Dinosaur BBQ on Urbanspoon

the 2nd morning, my friend picked Steak & Sundae to have some breakfast.
traditional american joint.





Steak & Sundae
Category: American (Traditional)
1850 Teall Ave
Syracuse, NY 13206
(315) 463-6551

Steak & Sundae Restaurant on Urbanspoon

University of Massachusetts Amherst was on the way from boston to syracuse, we stopped by a few place to grab a quick bite and drink.

very famous pizza joint – Antonio’s

again, i forgot to snap a pic before i ate it.

Category: Pizza
31 N Pleasant St
Amherst, MA 01002
(413) 253-0808

Antonio's on Urbanspoon

stopped by Amherst Brewing Company to get a quick drink

Amherst Brewing Company
Categories: American (New), Breweries, Pubs
10 University Dr
Amherst, MA 01002
(413) 253-4400

Amherst Brewing Co on Urbanspoon

stopped by Fresh Side for some tea rolls and some tea

jasmine tea

spicy chicken tea roll – curry chicken salad with cabbage, onion, a dash of cayenne pepper

teriyaki tea roll – made with Bean-curd rice, teriyaki chicken, bell pepper, carrot, teriyaki sauce

Fresh Side
Categories: Coffee & Tea, Asian Fusion
39 S Pleasant St
Amherst, MA 01002
(413) 256-0296

Fresh Side on Urbanspoon

stopped by FroyoWorld for some froyo of course



Categories: Desserts, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt
23 N Pleasant St
Amherst, MA 01002
(413) 345-2988

16 thoughts on “Revisiting My College – Syracuse University – Where to Eat!

  1. Perfect post! I grew up in the Fingerlakes region of New York (Rochester and environs) and yes, there is a lot of culture and good food and wine…wink, wink!! I must admit, now that I lived in Minneapolis- St. Paul for 20+ years, my view broadened..

    I love your photos and descriptions of all the places in and around Syracuse…as always you offer such a lovely glimpse of the scene and feel of a location. What a super way to start my day!!! Stina

  2. my husband just finished his grad degree at a big university in a college town in the middle of nowhere too before we moved here to boston…and it had seriously the best food under the sun packed into a five mile radius. we still miss our favorite spots there and i crave my favorite dishes all the time

  3. Great pictures, I’ve been to Syracuse as I was living in Ottawa for a year and the city was always wonderful to me. Glad to see it from a “resident” point of view, it’s always fun going back to college towns.

  4. Beautiful images! Looks, and sounds like you had a great time.

    Now, I must go raid the fridge, to see what kind of snacks there are, since all your food photos made me hungry. 🙂

  5. Ahh so fun! I went to school in Syracuse too (over at le moyne!) and I definitely miss some of the old haunts

    Dinosaur is a must and I’d love to go back and revisit for a meal!
    Have you tried the vegan place downtown? It’s got INCREDIBLE “milk”shakes! Mmm

  6. BTW, thanks for the new ideas to check out…. live up here but always looking for suggestions on places to visit.

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