Shake Shack @ New York, NY

when it comes to burger, it’s almost a regional pride. people on the west coast are all about in and out while people from Virginia DC area are all about five guys. shake shack is a new yorker thing.

i can careless about where my burger comes from, a burger is a burger. i like in and out because of its freshness, i like five guys because of its variety of toppings (MUSHROOMS). this is my 1st time trying out shake shack.

it’s right outside our hotel in time square and it was about time to get some snacks. super packed as expected, so we got take out.


all of their burgers are made of 100% all-natural angus beef. i got the shackburger with 3 orders of fries – cheeseburger topped with lettuce, tomato, and shacksauce. i know its a lot ketchup. i like my fries take a bath in the ketchup before entering my mouth. hmmmm 


vanilla frozen custard with strawberry puree.

the burger was good, but i wasnt too crazy about it. the patty was lil dry, not juicy. i did like the vanilla custard a lot tho. very sweet and smooth texture. like the sweeter version of mcdonald’s ice cream aka my fave ice cream on the planet.

they are openning a store in chestnut hill (boston) later this spring!

Shake Shack
Categories: Burgers, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt
691 8th Ave
(between 44th St & 43rd St)
New York, NY 10036
Neighborhoods: Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West, Theater District
(646) 435-0135

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a random pic i took in soho. cakeeees


18 thoughts on “Shake Shack @ New York, NY

  1. Everyone says that shake shack is the in’n’out killer….but i wasnt in love with it either! However, your pictures do make me want a burger for dinner!

  2. I’ve had Shake Shack, 5 guys, in n out, plus countless others. Of those in n out is my fave. Bareburger in NyC beats em all but thats a little fancier. Still doesn’t match up to Blimpie Burger- too bad there’s only one and its in Ann Arbor. Damn, now I need a burger!!!

  3. My hubby would kill for this place! He surmises that any eatery with burgers and ice cream on one lot is equal to a fantasy land for foodies! Haha I’m enjoying reading about NYC from down here in Dallas.

  4. I’m from London so my first trip to America last year was obviously going to be burger-filled. Had heard so much about shake-shack but I too wasn’t massively impressed. The best burger I tried out of all of the chain burger joints I found was Juicy Burger?! Not sure if it’s a chain but I’d only seen it on Hollywood Boulevard in LA (obviously)… Have you tried it? They are GORGEOUS!!

  5. I know this is an old post, but I had to come back to it again. I lived for Shake Shack (though it was too expensive) my last year in NYC. My favorite is during the summer when they make concrete specials. The peach cobbler ice cream with actual chunks of crust kept me coming back for more. I’ll have to stop by again this summer! I go to the one in Brooklyn Heights.

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