Pai Men Miyake @ Portland, ME

pai men miyake is one of the miyake restaurants mainly serves ramen, soba, yakitori(after 5:30pm), and a variety of sushi rolls. i heard so many good things about miyake and finally paid a visit.




i cant remember what exactly the drinks were. i think both were sake cocktails/mixed drinks.

pork buns
two steamed buns with braised pork belly, gouchujang mayo, & pepper relish
i thought they were ok. the buns def house made.


maine crab
crab meat broiled in mayonnaise glaze with spicy japanese red pepper, tobiko & radish sprouts
i didnt like this at all. very bad choice. the crab meat was very dry. the mayo was too overpowering.

negima leg &scallion
kashiwa thigh


sashimi soba
tuna, salmon, suzuki, tobiko, avocado, cucumber, onion, & daikon
another bad choice, extremely bland.

green tea and ginger ice cream

we totally regret driving all the way to portland to try miyake. def hyped up. they are famous for ramen but we werent in the mood to try any. maybe we ordered the wrong items, but we didnt like most of the stuff we ordered. very fusion americanized place. extremely disappointed by their food.

have you had the ramen here? how was it?

Pai Men Miyake
Category: Japanese
188 State St
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 541-9204

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17 thoughts on “Pai Men Miyake @ Portland, ME

  1. As a local I would have suggested the salmon tartar over at Fuji’s on Exchange St, its my all time favorite. ‘Course I’ve been here for 7 years and never tried Myake…

  2. your review is pretty much right on point. this place seems like it should be a great place to get some quality japanese food, but ultimately falls flat. for a place named paimen, you would think their specialty would be ramen or other noodle based dishes but that is not the case. the ramen aspires to be great by have a rich tonkotsu broth but surprisingly lacked a lot of flavor. to add insult to injury, the ramen only comes with a single thin slice of charshu and half a soy sauce egg. to add the other half of the egg and another slice will cost you an arm an leg. by the end of the bowl, you will not feel satisfied at all.

    being that i grew up in portland and now living in the boston area for the past decade, i was ecstatic to hear that an upscale ramen shop had opened up in the area since the restaurant renaissance that has been occurring in the city in the last 5 years or so.

    portland has plenty of other spots to dine next time you’re up that way. just stay away from paimen.

    1. Nosh I think has been too publicized here in Portland. Known for their bacon dusted fries and their Apocalypse Now burger, I think that I would rack on another 50 lbs just having dinner. Although it is different than most places, I think some of the hype has died. I would rather go to a local place like Ri Ras or Gritty’s. As for Japanese, Fuji is the place to go by far. They have great sushi!

  3. This sushi looks extremely yummy especially since I really wanted to order some in tonight (however I had a lot of food at home that I should get to). I loved reading your about About Me section. It’s always so fun to find someone who is such a foodie just like me ; ) Your photographs are also awesome! I really look forward to reading your future posts. : )

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