Sea Dog Brew Pub | Woburn, MA Boston


our waiter couldnt tell which beer was which so he had to:

BLUE PAW BLUEBERRY – one of the sea dog drafts.
A nutty wheat ale with a subtle blueberry fruit flavor.

This beer is a hybrid of Porter & Scotch Ale, with hints of coffee, chocolate & blueberries. pretty strong for a beer.

guess what this was? no its not fried chicken.
Beer Battered Fish N’ Chips – thats some crazy looking fish
probably the worst tasting fries ive had.


Chorizo Crusted Haddock
Sweet Corn Chowder, Sautéed Spinach, Spanish Chorizo






food was pretty bad. i dont think any of us enjoyed our food.


Sea Dog Brew Pub
Categories: Chicken Wings, American (Traditional), Comfort Food
230 Mishawum Rd
Woburn, MA 01801
(781) 281-1433

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26 thoughts on “Sea Dog Brew Pub | Woburn, MA Boston

  1. wait! ha I am a newbie word press– So the food was not good? looks amazing, well done on the pics! too bad we were going to try it for the food–its tough to screw up beer and wine! LOL! thanks, can NOT waist money–$$$$$$ any good steak places in that general area give or take 30 minutes any direction? also how the hell do i get my comments under like this?!

  2. Nooo, bad fish and chips are a sin upon the world!! If you come by NYC, there’s a place in Brooklyn called Chip Shop….with possibly the best Fish & Chips in the region 🙂 Their other stuff is really good too (soups, drinks, etc). And to mess up fries is really telling that they are bad in the kitchen :/

  3. Remain a Girl, I was thinking the same. The pictures were so inviting. Sorry to hear that the food wasn’t where it should have been. Would have liked to have known more about the beer though.

  4. Well your photos are amazing- sorry about the food. I’m a Massachusetts native living overseas now and am always curious about places to check out when I’m home visiting. How was the beer?

  5. We have one up here in Maine…the food was meh for sure. I ended up getting their salmon with an asian glaze and jasmine rice. Way too much glaze, and was way to sickly sweet for salmon. I was disappointed, and hubby and I haven’t been there since. If you want to go for something similar, but better food, you might want to check out the pubs in the Old Port here in Maine. MUCH more satisfying.

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