A&J | Annandale, VA


A&J is a taiwanese chain restaurant in china and i used to visit a lot when i wanna grab something nice and light. i was so excited to find out there is a A&J in virginia. however, their menu is a little different here and the food quality is def not china good but pretty decent for american standards. their food is still pretty authentic.


scallion pancakes

tofu with preserved eggs

pickled cucumber

beef noodles – not bad. noodles are pretty al dente

pork chop

xiao long bao – soup dumplings. these were terrible. DO NOT GET!

altho the a&j in VA doesnt match up the a&js in china, but the beef noodles are still better than what i can get at most places in boston. pork belly told me their prices have been going up over the years, but still pretty reasonable priced.

Category: Chinese
4316 Markham St
Ste B
Annandale, VA 22003
(703) 813-8181

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12 thoughts on “A&J | Annandale, VA

  1. I love their beef noodles! In norcal bay area, there’s a few and ALL of their dishes definitely taste different from restaurant to restaurant. It often depends on which place, as well as who is cooking in the kitchen haha. I didn’t know they exist on the east coast, very cool!

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