To Sok Jip | Annandale, VA

pork belly and i went back to VA to visit his family last weekend. VA has a large korean population, so there are a lot good korean restaurants there. i had to take advantage of this and get my korean food fix whenever im in town since korean food in boston jus sucks.

my fave korean dish is Samgyetang (Ginseng chicken soup). i decided to check out this ajumma hole in the wall joint since they serve sam gye tang.


very packed. a lot ppl jus came from church.


holy sht! you probably cant tell from the pic, but this is the biggest seafood pancake ive ever seen. very thick and loaded with so much seafood! ive never seen anything like this. mind blown

samgyetang – Ginseng chicken soup
not as good as mr.zhang’s in beijing, but it was good enough. the chicken wasnt super tender, oh well. i was satisfied.


the restaurant is very busy and there is only one server. she barely speaks any english and was speaking korean to me at the whole time even i looked no clue what she was saying. altho she’s super busy, she still was very attentive. she filled up our water and brought us banchan before we had to ask. will def be back!

To Sok Jip

Category: Korean
7211 Columbia Pike
Annandale, VA 22003
(703) 333-2861

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14 thoughts on “To Sok Jip | Annandale, VA

    1. Oh, I miss Annandale! I ran into Roosevelt Greer at a bakery in Annandale over 30 years ago.Do you know who he is? He was a football player and was a close Kennedy family friend,(I believe he was the one who took the gun from Robert Kennedy’s assassin.) He was an actor and became a minister and wrote a book on needlepoint! Nice man, Big man.

  1. A lot of these hole in the wall places serve the best food. 🙂 We love spicy jjigae dishes, and one of the things I look forward to the most is the banchan.

  2. We ate at To Sok Jip on our recent trip to Annandale as well; one of the best Korean meals we’ve had. Especially loved the large selection of banchan accompanying the meal.

  3. One of my best friends is Korean. Her mom ALWAYS had food prepared for us. Not matter the time of day. This blog made me DROOL! They have moved out of state, and I am lost!! ha ha.

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