Dolphin Seafood | Harvard Square Cambridge, MA Boston

my friend invited me to eat at dolphin seafood with her and her friend, one of these third wheel moments. i looked up dolphin seafood and the reviews didnt look too promising. some guy ended up puking in the toilet for 2 hours after eating there. i never say no when a good friend asks me to go eat, whether im a third wheel or its a restaurant with scary reviews like this, i jus cant say no to a good friend and food. i respect people’s choices; i never give food suggestions either unless i was asked to give one. i dun wanna be one of those pretentious picky know it all (they think) ppl called ‘foodie’.
anyways, so i went and was mentally prepared for all that vomiting consequences. Dolphin seafood wasn’t that bad after all. everyone all had lobster, you cant really make that taste bad unless the lobster was bad itself.




lobster bisque





im healthy and alive after the dinner.

Dolphin Seafood
1105 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138
Neighborhood: Harvard Square

(617) 661-2937

Dolphin Seafood Too on Urbanspoon


I jus finished reading eddie huang’s new book: Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir. it was a very enjoyable and easy read. I finished it in 2 days. Other than we both love kong xin cai and penguins, i was surprised how much I can relate with this dude. It’s like hearing someone else telling the same stories i’ve been through but at the same time he gives me a new perspective on things or things ive jus never really thought about. If you are Asian and love food, I highly recommend this book to u.
Here is a review by the nytimes that sums the book better than I could:
“Long before I met him, I was a fan of his writing, and his merciless wit. He’s bigger than food.”—Anthony Bourdain

also, check out his videos on

if you are already a fan, he’s coming to boston as a guest chef on march 14th.


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