OSAKA Japanese Sushi & Steak House | Coolidge Corner Brookline, MA Boston


a friend suggested to come to osaka after we failed to grab a bite at Boston vs New York City Food Truck Throwdown event last fall. the lines were ridiculously long and i dun think i would wait that long for any food trucks unless its the chicken and rice @ 53rd and 6th .

osaka is a japanese restaurant serves mainly sushi and hibachi. there hibachi stations on one side of the restaurant and normal tables on the other. i have no idea why, people jus love to watch chefs cook in front of them, so the hibachi side is always super packed. somehow people jus amazed by watching chef doing tricks or throw food /sake into their mouth. mehhhh




Rock Shrimp
Crispy shrimp with sweet and mild spicy sauce

Beef Tataki
Raw beef marinated in garlic and soy sauce

hibachi dinner: Fillet Mignon & Scallop
the beef wasnt tender


Spicy crunchy salmon, mango. Topped with seared salmon, white tuna, avocado, and crispy rice powder and honey wasabi sauce.

lighting makes such a big difference in my pic huh

HOT LOVER ROLL – doesnt get any cheesier than this.
Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, avocado wrapped in soybean paper.

their dessert menu is called -_-

fried ice cream

there is also a lounge they jus opened in the basement of the restaurant. you can grab a drink after din din without moving your car.

the food def wasnt bad to be honest. im jus not into anything fusion esp def not my sushi. if you are into japanese fusion and some hibachi action you ll probably like this restaurant. bright, large space, very good for groups. the lounge in the basement is def a plus.

from there facebook page: {** College Night ** Every Thursday starting from Today! Bring your student ID to receive 20% off food. Have a FUN night out! Hibachi Sushi upstairs; Music Karaoke Dancing downstairs.}

OSAKA Japanese Sushi & Steak House

Categories: Japanese, Sushi Bars, Steakhouses
14 Green St
Brookline, MA 02446
Neighborhood: Coolidge Corner
(617) 732-0088

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22 thoughts on “OSAKA Japanese Sushi & Steak House | Coolidge Corner Brookline, MA Boston

  1. oh wow! what beautiful photos. I love the hibachi dinner, the tomo and the bar right down. Japanese food is so pretty and colorful yet so tasty at the same time. Watching Japanese chefs create their masterpieces is amazing to me too. SO much intricacy and delicate-ness in their craft.

  2. Now this is epic. Both the photos and the food. I live in England and, believe me, there’s nowhere like that here! Actually, maybe in London, but I live oop norf in Manchester so there’s not much chance. We have a sushi place called Samsi here which is good, just not up to that standard.

  3. those heart shaped sushi rolls are so cute! we have a sushi restaurant where i live…i think it’s called ‘love at first sight’ and they are wrapped around in pink and shaped into hearts as well! and that fried ice cream looks sooo yumm : )

  4. Bunny, on the Tomo photo, what are those little white morsels that jump off on the lighting of the dish?
    ps: I’m now using a d5100 nikon with a 35mm 2.4,, are you alternating with the built in flash? ~ron

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