Palm Sugar Thai Cuisine | Davis Square Somerville, MA Boston

my friends and i planned to go to posto one night but the wait was about an hour. we were starving and this thai joint was next door.




Tom Kha Soup- Chicken, shrimp, tofu or vegetable. Thai style coconut soup lemon juice and lemongrass.

Satay Chicken- Grilled marinated chicken on bamboo skewers served with peanut sauce and cucumber sauce.

Drunken Noodle- Stir-fried wide rice noodle with beef, vegetables and bamboo shoot in spicy Thai sauce.

Green Curry- With chicken, bell pepper, bamboo shoot, mushroom, basil leaves, carrots and coconut milk.



food is your average take-out place quality, will not return.

Palm Sugar Thai Cuisine
Category: Restaurants Thai Thai
195 Elm St
Somerville, MA 02144
Neighborhoods: North Cambridge, Davis Square

(617) 718-1759


ive been wanting to make my own macarons forever and i finally did it. i did tons of research, read a million articles and watched a million youtube videos. they are notoriously hard to make, requires very precise measurement, mix method, number of folds, speed, temperature, humidity, and 10 million other things. I was up for the challenge. I didn’t have any equipment such as thermometer, food scale, and piping bags.


i used the french method which is the harder method that really doesnt give u any room for errors. the italian meringue is a step more than the french method. it allows room for errors but requires a thermometer.
now, after all these learning and research i can easily tell which method a macaron made with.
macarons made with the italian meringue method are not as airy or melt-in-the-mouth as macarons made with the French Meringue.

here is my result: matcha macarons

im happy that i got the feet which is pretty hard to do. they def taste good, but the texture def needs to be improved. i ordered a thermometer and food scale and will try again soon!


18 thoughts on “Palm Sugar Thai Cuisine | Davis Square Somerville, MA Boston

  1. I have a question – I live around Boston and I’ve been to Brown Sugar Cafe, but would you recommend another Thai restaurant to try out? I don’t think I’d ever make it out to Somerville to try this place.

  2. We love Thai food and enjoy an amazing Thai restaurant in New Orleans – Singha Thai Cafe. If you’re ever down this way, we hope you try it and enjoy it, too. Second, you’re making me want to return to Boston for a visit … It’s been years, but I remember it as a wonderful city!

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