I Made French Macarons!

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as mentioned in my last post, ive been trying to make french macarons.

my food scale, piping bags, strainer, thermometer came in so i made my 2nd attempt. i still did french method cuz it seems the more legit way to make it.







however, i havent tasted them yet. porkbelly said they are super good but i cant trust him cuz he wouldnt dare to say its bad if they were.

my wisdom teeth hurt so bad that i can only drink liquids. i even have hard time swallow things 😥

pain killer doesnt even work. after 3 days of pain and suffering, my neck started to hurt, i have a headache on top of my toothache mouth ache, i finally dragged myself to the dentist today and she prescribed me antibiotics. hopefully i can eat soon!!!!

if you would like to make some macarons, there are really billions of recipes and youtube videos out there so there is no need for me to write up another one. i suggest watch a lot videos and do a lot research before u start.

there are a lot of recipes out there with different measurements, so i kinda combined and figured out my own ratios.
so here is what i used:

every 1 g of egg white, you use 1.2 grams almond flour, 2 grams of powder sugar, and 0.5 grams of sugar. 

i guess u do have to do a little math here.


let me know if you guys have any questions ill try to help out!

in case you missed my 1st batch, here are the pix:



they didnt look too pro, but def tasted good. nice crisp outside and moist and soft inside. matcha flavor.

please like my facebook page if you havent. Thank you!



39 thoughts on “I Made French Macarons!

  1. Hope you feel better soon, I can’t comprehend the pain of going through so much work yet not physically being able to enjoy the fruit of your efforts. I really need to try making Macaroons soon…

  2. Oooh they look really yummy! Hope you get well enough to try them soon! Thus batch looks better than the last, such lovely colours too. Maybe I should also try, they are so expensive in the shop, making them at home makes a lot of sense 🙂
    I think I liked your Facebook ages ago, I already get your tasty updates! Please like mine too, thanks! X

  3. Your latest batch is very pretty 🙂 i’ve had a go at making macarons but i piped it funny so they tasted great but did not look as they should XD. Well hope you heal soon, when i had my wisdom teeth all pulled out… i had the strongest painkillers and i felt absolutely dandy XD you may just have to ask if u can get your hanfs on the strongest painkiller, if you are already on those then… ekk

  4. Wow. They are so beautiful! Great job. The colors are divine.
    I hope you feel better soon. It’s a shame to have to look at treats like that and not be able to eat them.

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