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ive been eating wayyyyy toooo much chinese food recently. its all porkbelly’s fault because he wants nothing except for chinese food! i dont hate chinese food, but chinese food in boston jus sucks. he randomly found #25 best Chinese Restaurant in the US by Travel and Leisure and taipei gourmet was voted as one of them. you know you cannot ever trust these lists but pork belly insisted to try it out!




gua bao. pork buns. i was pretty impressed by this pork bun. the braised pork had melt in your mouth texture, anything u would expect in a perfect pork bun. reminds of my aunt’s braised pork. the only complain i had was too much sugar, but i can put up with it.


Scallion Pancake W / Roasted Beef
it was a lil too oily but i def liked it wayyyy better than what i had at mulan.

Beef Sirloin in Noodle Soup
probably one of the best beef noodle soup ive had in boston. the beef’s so tender. it wouldve been perfect if it werent sweet and the noodle is a lil bit more al dente.

i prefer this anytime over the beef noodle at Shangri-la Boston, Belmont, MA  i jus cant deal with soggy noodles.

Three Cup Chicken
maybe we were too full, this didnt stand out as much as others. porkbelly had a delish lunch eating this the 2nd day tho.

i dont know if i can agree with the top #25 best chinese restaurants in US title, but taipei gourmet is def very very solid. i will def return again!

Taipei Gourmet
Categories: Taiwanese, Chinese
211 Massachusetts Ave
Lexington, MA 02420
(781) 541-6999

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13 thoughts on “Taipei Gourmet | Lexington, MA Boston

  1. Aiya! (I don’t know if you understand this, but then I’ll write it for myself.) 为什么你们要一直使我肚子这么饿?美国人比较喜欢甜味儿。

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