Tanpopo Ramen House | Annandale, VA DC

this was our 2nd lunch right after To Sok Jip . we didnt even finish our food at To Sok Jip. since we are rarely in town now, we had to force ourselves to try as many places as we could.



tanpopo ramen house is next to A&J.

i really couldnt eat anymore, so i made pork belly to order a bowl of his choice. of course he would order pork belly.




pork belly wolfed down the majority of the bowl. i had couple bites jus for blogging purposes. one of the worst ramen ive ever had.
noodles- exact same noodle you can find at hmart, the packaged ones. im not talking about the deep fried one dollar instant noodles. im talking about these frozen ramen:

broth – cut corner quicker msg version.

pork- bland and dry.

they also have a sushi bar. would u eat sushi at a ramen house?

Tanpopo Ramen House
Categories: Japanese, Sushi Bars
4316 Markham St
Annandale, VA 22003
(202) 270-3043

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10 thoughts on “Tanpopo Ramen House | Annandale, VA DC

  1. I live in Virginia, and I didn’t even know about this place, haha! I’ve been to A&J’s numerous times, but I might have to give this place a try even though you didn’t seem very impressed. Thanks.

  2. True that most ramen shops don’t typically serve sushi/sashimi but then again I would never ever drink a coke with ramen.

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