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restaurant weeks are unavoidable in my life since my birfuday and our anniversary all land on restaurant weeks. not a big fan of it and never had really good RW experiences, but it’s still tempting every time. yesterday was me and pork belly’s 3rd anniversary so i picked t.w. food in cambridge.





celery roots, apple shooter, vanilla salt

we opted for the wine pairing as well. i specially asked for all whites for me since i dont drink any red.
we had:
bishop’s peak chardonnay
and something else i forgot the name
wine was really good and went well with the food.


this was so awesome. foie gras was super creamy and it tasted like creme brulee like the name. i most licked my plate =}

SEA SCALLOP pan seared, brussel sprouts, house cured bacon
scallop was well executed. it had a citrusy tint which gave a refreshing kick to it. the flavor of the house cured bacon was transferred to the brussel sprouts which gave it a nice bacon flavor.

i really liked the plate.

BRAMBLY FARM PORK loin, cotechino sausage, garlic polenta, braised cabbage
this was a lil underwhelming comparing to the rest of the food we had. the pork wasnt tender. i expect all pork fat to have melt in your mouth texture but this wasnt the case. sausage was nicely flavored tho.

DUCK CONFIT crispy “bone-in” thigh, quinoa, radish, rhubarb and pinenut pistou
this was a fantastic dish as well. the skin was crispy, meat was super tender and non of the ducky taste, everything else on the dish really blended well.


BOSTON CREAM TARTE vanilla cream, valhrona chocolate, almond
this was really enjoyable. very rich, creamy without being heavy. all the good characters of a dessert

BUDINO dark chocolate custard, candied hazelnuts, sea salt, olive oil
i was in love with this. never thought sea salt and olive oil can make a super good dessert. the dark chocolate was really really rich. the candied hazelnuts went really well with the sea salt and olive oil.



the meal at t.w. food was really really solid especially for restaurant week. i think they really know how to play between savory and sweet such as the creme brulee foie gras and the sea salt/olive oil with the dark chocolate.

the service was professional and all the staff were pretty knowledgeable. if you still looking for a place to dine for restaurant week. i highly recommend t.w food.

will return soon for their regular menus.

every TUESDAY they offer WINE SERIES where they
4 courses with Wine Pairings for $55

Sunday 10 am – 2 pm they offer JAZZ BRUNCH

T.W. Food
Categories: French, American
377 Walden St
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 864-4745

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15 thoughts on “T.W. Food | Cambridge, MA Boston

  1. TW Food has always had amazing food on RW and off RW – we go there all the time and I love introducing new people to the restaurant.

  2. That creme brulee fois looks amazing – such great presentation for all the food. I agree about RW, but I think there has been a shift lately. More restaurants are not doing it, and those that are thinking more about their menus…which is great!

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