Sichuan Garden @ Brookline, MA Boston







Stir Fried shredded potatoes w/vinegar

Chilled Noodles with Spicy Sesame Vinaigrette (成都涼麵)


spicy fish

we used to come to sichuan garden a lot. their food used to be solid, but somehow is going downhill recently.


Sichuan Garden
Category: Chinese
295 Washington St
Brookline, MA 02445
Neighborhood: Brookline Village
(617) 734-1870

Sichuan Garden on Urbanspoon

i was playing around with some presets in lightroom. what do u guys think?


18 thoughts on “Sichuan Garden @ Brookline, MA Boston

      1. yup, I really do like them. 🙂 if you’re thinking about going in that direction occasionally or more often, Google recently bought Nik software and reduced the price on the entire bundle:

        Silver Efex Pro 2 is what a *lot* of people use for B&W conversions, and by itself used to cost more than the new bundle. The only thing to check before you buy (if interested) is to make sure your version of photoshop is compatible. If I didn’t already invest in a separate product, I would have bought this bundle already…and still may in the future, just for the B&W tools.

  1. I love these pictures so much. You bring out the magic in ordinary, mundane things. I like the picture of the menu a lot. I also love the one where you can see the Christmas lights on the wall and the security camera. Your work is very, very good! I really mean that.

  2. Since you asked…I’m not a fan of the post-processing on the first six images and the last one of the car’s dash. The food images look great as always.

    BTW, I lived in Brookline in the mid-to-late 1970s. I have fond memories of that place. 🙂

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