Doowee & Rice | Somerville, MA Boston


a few weeks ago, pork belly and i drove to somerville to jus try the chicken and rice at doowee & rice. now that we live super far away from the city, it took us more than an hour to get there.

it was a saturday night and we got there around 7:00pm. they close at 9pm on saturdays. by the time we got there, everything was sold out except for the baos. really!?

i understand it’s a small restaurant and they probably dont wanna overstock their ingredients, but if you run out of stuff 2 hours before you close on a saturday, that’s some really bad planning and management. also, the fact that they rather have customers come in the restaurant disappointed and stay hungry than overstocking a lil bit really upsets me. i checked out their yelp reviews after the disappointing visit and it looks like this happens a lot.

what’s the purpose of opening a restaurant then? smh

since there were only baos left and we were starving. we got 2 of the pork buns.

the bun itself was mad soggy and the pork wasnt tender at all.


Doowee & Rice
Categories: Asian Fusion, Halal
868 Broadway
Somerville, MA 02144
(617) 764-1906

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today pork belly was in the neighborhood, so he stopped by and finally got the chicken and rice.

fried chicken and rice. this was terrible. extremely salty. tasted like super salty general tso chicken


regular chicken and rice. this didnt taste anything special except the chicken didnt taste too fresh.


5 thoughts on “Doowee & Rice | Somerville, MA Boston

  1. hello,

    My name is Tony and I’m the designer that created the doowee & rice logo and loved your photo of the store front. I just have a question if I can use that photo for my portfolio ( i’ll give you credit for photo taking ) I just like how it’s captured!


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