Kung Fu Tea | Allston, MA Boston

the famous NY kung fu tea bubble tea joint opened in allston not long ago. it took me forever to pay a visit cuz i never liked their drinks from multiple locations in NYC.

porkbelly still insisted to check it out one night we were in allston.





we were pretty satisfied with our drinks. we have been to kung fu tea four times so far. pork belly always got the herbal jelly green tea and i always got either the red wow milk tea or the green wow milk tea which is a milk tea with either sweet red or green beans. it’s extremely hard to get a good green tea milk tea (im not talking about matcha here) because the green tea flavor is too subtle and it’s hard to bring the flavors out. the only good green tea milk tea ive had is from unique tea house @ syracuse. kung fu tea’s green tea milk tea is a pretty close match.

i was almost done with the drink and look how much red beans left on the bottom.

although the drinks are pretty good, the service def needs a lot improvements. out of our 4 visits, they messed up on our order 3 times. pork belly asked for herbal jelly and he got boba instead one time. i asked for lil sugar and lil ice and i got full sugar and full ice.

kung fu tea is easily better than any of the tea joints in the area, but the last two visits we were there, the line was out of the door. it took 40 mins to get our drinks. i ran into 4 of my friends there so i was chatting w/ them otherwise i dont think i’d ever wait for 40 mins for kung fu tea.

they are opening kung fu tea location in chinatown which i walk by everyday. it’d be perfect for the summer !!!

Kung Fu Tea
Category: Bubble Tea
131 Harvard Ave
(between Hefferan St & Glenville Ter)
Boston, MA 02134
Neighborhood: Allston/Brighton
(617) 783-3388

Kung Fu Tea on Urbanspoon

if you are dying to have some kung fu tea and waiting in line for some kung fu tea? in fact, waiting outside to wait in line for some kung fu tea? check out Garlic ‘n Lemons very next door for some spicy chicken! fresh tender juicy chicken with exploding flavors. i find the spicy one is more juicy and tender than the non-spicy ones.

Garlic ‘n Lemons
Category: Middle Eastern
133 Harvard Ave
(between Brighton Ave & Hefferan St)
Boston, MA 02134
Neighborhood: Allston/Brighton
(617) 783-8100

Garlic 'N Lemons Acosta Jr on Urbanspoon


13 thoughts on “Kung Fu Tea | Allston, MA Boston

  1. I was living in Allston when Garlic and Lemons was being set up. Then I moved before they opened. That looks so good, it seems like it is worth a trip even from Salem where I am now.

  2. I used to live in Boston, and all of your posts are making me nostalgic for the city…and I wish I could live there now and enjoy the city as an adult, as opposed to when I was a broke, penny-pinching college student!

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