The Fugu Truck | Boston, MA

i went to check out fugu truck the 1st week they got on the road after their pre-launch party.

they were at their BU west location (855 comm ave)




cold noodles with peanut sauce, shredded chicken, peanuts, carrots, cucumbers, and scallions.

very refreshing and light yet flavorful. the ingredients were mad fresh, you can taste it. noodles were al dente.


kimchi bulgogi panini
super tasty

their grilled pork buns featuring melt-in your mouth pork belly and fluffy buns


it’s only been 2 weeks since their their pre-launch party i already saw a lot improvements. they are constantly working on their menu to provide the asian street food with the best quality. i enjoyed everything we had. everything was exquisitely cut, prepared, and made. Bing, owner/chef of fugu truck, told me that he’s been staying up and prepping til 2 in the morning everyday. he’s exhausted but he has to ensure the quality of the food. like their name ‘fugu’, the preparation of fugu ‘requires an utmost level of devotion and rigorous training’. Bing and the fugu team are def dedicated to the same discipline.

def check them out! my office is actually moving to copley next month, i cant wait to catch them again at their copley location!

for their locations:!location/c1inx

stay safe everyone in boston!

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