Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ | Brookline, MA Boston

ive been waiting for gyu-kaku boston to open since last june. the highly highly anticipated japanese bbq joint finally opened couple weeks ago. if you are not familiar with gyu kaku, its a japanese bbq chain that has locations all throughout the country as well as overseas. an interative bbq concept which you get to cook your own food at your own pace and however you’d like it.


gyu-kaku is still in their soft opening period. the reservation was hard to get. they dont accept reservations online at this moment; you ll have to call in to make a reservation. BUT there’s a perk to it during the soft opening period: you get a discount thats roughly 18% off.

pork belly and i got there an hour early so we waited for our friends at the bar.

Kirin Ichiban on tap


altho each meat they have a recommended sauce, but you can also choose a different sauce if you prefer.
here is a menu in pdf form:





we got a Kirin Ichiban pitcher for the whole group

we ordered 11 different kinds of meat, pretty much all the meat on the menu, ill try my best to match the names with the pix. i cant promise they are all correct tho 😦

Beef Tongue
Thinly sliced beef tongue with delicious scallion sauce, salt & Pepper, and Lemon

Premium Sirloin- Lean & tender Sirloin Flap Steak with: Tare Sweet Soy


Kobe Style Flap Steak with: Ponzu

only grill your meat for 30-60 seconds depending on your preference. this is crucial because overcooked meat will not be as tender.


Bistro Hanger Steak with: Miso


Prime New York Steak with: Ponzu


they have four diff dipping sauces: sweet & spicy, tsuke, ponzu, and lemon.


i believe this one was my fave: Kobe Style Kalbi Short Rib: World renowned for its delicious flavor & remarkable tenderness

Kobe Style Kalbi Chuck with Garlic


Lamb Chop with: Miso Basil

Harami Skirt Steak with: Miso


Kalbi Short Rib
King of BBQ; juicy boneless short rib with: Tare Sweet Soy

Mushroom Medley


Toro Beef
Beef bacon in their special BBQ sauce with: Tare Sweet Soy

oops. i think i jus totally misplaced the names.




steak model: Jay Liu
i heard he got quite famous for modeling the banana in my yume wo katare post

here comes the bill. really cheap for the amount of food and drinks we ordered. even better, we got the soft opening discount!!!!!!!!
awesome deal!!!!!! i think all throughout april we probably can get roughly 18% off. they dont advertise it anywhere so im not sure how long the promo lasts

super satisfied with our meal. i cant remember specifically how each meat tasted, but I do like the meat with garlic sauce the best. Kobe Style Kalbi Short Rib was def my fave. Gyu kaku easily tops any of the Asian bbq places. Yes! Any Korean bbq joint in town. I have been to all of them unless there is an underground bbq place that im not aware of. Sitting by the hot grill and sipping on cold beer eating the best Asian bbq in town with friends, nothing can beat this. remember DO NOT overcook your meat!

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1002 Beacon St
Brookline, MA 02446
(617) 264-6190

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15 thoughts on “Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ | Brookline, MA Boston

  1. That pitcher of beer looks soooo cold and delic and I love the idea of cooking your own meat since my bf likes well done and i love medium so it would be fun to share different kinds of meat and cook them together how we like! I will have to check this out 🙂

  2. You got the beef tongue photo matched right!! I had beef tongue for the first time this weekend (without realizing what it was at first) and really liked it! Kinda chewy like jerky (well, not as chewy as jerky, but)…

    I love the whole yakiniku/Japanese BBQ experience! So good! I have a post coming out on Saturday about the history of Japanese BBQ if you’re interested! n_n

  3. This post tops my list of reasons why I’m jealous of the restaurants you have in Boston. Gyu-kaku was one of our favorites when we lived in Japan. Miss Japan even more after reading this…

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