Taiwanese Brunch | Chung Shin Yuan | Newton, MA Boston

went to chung shin yuan for brunch with yesterday since my last visit from 2 years ago. very packed jus like i remembered.


house made sweet soy milk. chinese soy milk tastes diff from american soy milk that you can buy from grocery stores. it has a stronger soy bean taste.

you tiao – chinese fried dough – i like to dip this in the soy milk

soy bean noodle salad and seaweed salad – love the soy bean noodle. refreshing

shao bing with five spice beef sandwich – one of my fave thing to get. the shao bing has a crisp texture and the beef is flavorful. sandwich is nice and light.

taiwan vermicelli soup with chitlins.

pan fried white turnip cake – these have a diff texture and tasted more fried than you can get from dim sum places. i prefer ones at dim sum places.

steamed spiced spareribs with sticky rice? – another one of my fave!!!!!!!!!

xiao long bao – soup dumplings. no soup inside. fillings were dry. i wouldnt get it again.

had a great brunch at chung shin yuan overall. food was very solid. they only offer brunch on weekends and its a guaranteed a wait. Shangri-la in belmont also offers brunch but i prefer chung shin yuan at any time!

Chung Shin Yuan
Category: Chinese
183 California St
Newton, MA 02456
(617) 964-0111

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17 thoughts on “Taiwanese Brunch | Chung Shin Yuan | Newton, MA Boston

  1. Your photos of the restaurants and food and decor always inspire me, so I nominated you for a blog award. See my post today. I look forward to your next review.

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