Sichuan Palace | Chelmsford, MA Boston

im trying mad hard to lose weight for my beach body, but having a roommate that always suggests to eat out isnt helping much.

IMG_7477 IMG_7464

sichuan spicy chicken


Chinese Water Spinach – this is my fave green veggie at all times. chinese name is empty heart veggie. badassss


as always, spicy fish

IMG_7522 IMG_7610

i enjoyed our meal at sichuan palace. i think its better than a few sichuan places in boston. relatively big portions. surprisingly we were super full after only 3 dishes. i am not too sure about the freshness of the ingredients. we all had mild diarrhea the second day and its not because the spiciness of the food, but that’s ok. help me to lose some weight! beach body or die trying baby!


Sichuan Palace
Category: Chinese
7 Summer St
Ste 17-18
Chelmsford, MA 01824
(978) 256-8545


6 thoughts on “Sichuan Palace | Chelmsford, MA Boston

  1. Nothing wrong with eating. Its all about what you eat. You should stop eating meat and milk. And stop eating cooked and processed foods. Those r the worst and above it all make your body acid and old.

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