French Macarons for Mother’s Day?!

i recently opened a store on Etsy selling french macarons. im currently talking to a owner to see if i can sell my macarons at his ‘store’.

anyways, im taking orders for this mother’s day weekend. we do pick-ups or free delivery to anywhere within 20 miles radius of downtown Boston. i cant ship macarons at this moment due to its delicate nature.

anyone in the boston area interested in ordering some macarons can check out:

For my dear readers, use coupon code: BUNNYANDPORKBELLY to get 20% off!!!!!

like my facebook for more coupon codes, new flavors, freebies, and updates:

thank you so much guys! you guys have been super supportive! ❤






22 thoughts on “French Macarons for Mother’s Day?!

      1. oh i see, no wonder it is so sweet – i cant bake you see. So have totally no ‘chemistry’ knowledge of how ingredients go together. 🙂

        Good luck with the maracons! I am sure yours will rock it!

  1. Why do you not live within a 20 mile radius of me??? Boohoo those macarons look beautiful! Maybe I’ll have to have a go at making some too. Yours are absolutely perfect though, such a hard act to follow. I don’t want to be severely disappointed in myself lol. Hope the orders come flooding in for you 😀

  2. Wow! Your macarons are so gorgeous. If my mother lived in the Boston area, I would totally buy them for her. I’ll pass your link to my Boston friends. 🙂

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